5 Ways To Protect Your Online Reputation In 2017

November 06, 2017

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If you have a product or service for sale on the internet, network with peers or interact with a client, you can assume that someone is searching information about you online. We live in a search happy world where people make decisions about your services based on what they find online.

Some business owners underestimate the importance of online reputation management because they believe it’s only for brands going through a crisis. It is critical that you take charge of your online reputation to create a positive image to encourage customers to trust your brand and patronize your services not just with bad press.

1. Fix your present situation

Every brand has a unique online presence and you can’t correct an error you don’t know about. Google your brand and see what turns up in the first page. Are the search results irrelevant content you can control? Is there any damaging post on social media that could create bad press? Delete them all; keep your feeds clean and only display relevant information that resonates well with your target audience.

2. Understand that an online reputation is a long-term project

Unless you have millions of dollars to spend on a massive marketing campaign, establishing an online reputation takes time. You have to stay consistent for at least six months for people to see your link and recognize you’re a worthy influencer that helps others.

3. Use your name to register a domain

A fantastic way to protect your brand’s reputation is to register a website with your name as a solid form of online insurance. It prevents others from stealing or using it against you in the future. Your website should feature information about your awards, honours, achievements, experience and important press releases, among others. This ensures that when people search your name, they will see information you control, which creates a great first impression for your brand.

4. Use prompt response to manage online reviews

In the early days of brand building, it’s tempting to stress out when reading unfavourably scathing reviews about your brand. You worry that one bad review could ruin your hard work up to this point but it’s possible to use it to your advantage. Acknowledge bad reviews to show customers that you’re listening and desire to serve customers better. Develop a strategy for professional, prompt responses and use the feedback to improve your services where necessary. Remember the golden rule… the customer is always right. Check out this website to find more ways to turnaround bad reviews to your advantage.


5. Post regular, useful content

Establish an online presence and optimizing your website isn’t enough to warrant higher search rankings. Your site must prove to Google bots that your content is valuable enough for higher rankings and the best method is by publishing regular content that resonates with your target audience. Break your content with a variety of slideshows, videos, articles and sometimes a mix of both to keep viewers interested in your content and share your unique views on trending topics within your niche.


By implementing these steps, it becomes easier for you to rank higher and gain better control of what people find when they Google your name online. Online reputation management is about publishing quality information and creating the best first impression for your brand.


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