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Three Ways to Ensure Your Outdoor Event Is a Success

Daniel Bailey

November 15, 2017

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If you are planning an outdoor event, you might be wondering how to make it successful. From a small business get-together to marketing at a county-wide gathering, getting a bunch of people together in one area can result in success-if organized well. Before trying to jump into your event feet first, it may help to get organized and know what to look for when you are trying to bring together people in one setting. Here are five things to keep in mind as you get ready, so you can focus on a successful event.

Plan For The Weather

No matter what type of event, you want to ensure that your group will have shade from the sun, an protection from the wind and rain. If your event is taking place in a large structure, that makes everything easy. But in many cases, that isn’t possible. How can you keep people safe, protected, and dry, while creating a successful gathering where everyone can mingle? Look for fabric structures. These are like a tent, but can be as big or small as you need them. You can plan for large gatherings that include thousands of people. Alternatively, if your event calls for 100 or less, you can find a smaller structure that works. These tents have been known to protect against strong winds and heavy rain, while permitting folks to move and walk around with ease. If you want to start your event out with confidence, consider how a sound structure will help you and your group.

Offer Promotional Products

When marketing your business, you may not be sure of the best ways to promote your company. It has been suggested in order to be visible, many businesses should be active in the public eye. This can occur anywhere, from a sporting event to a chamber of commerce gathering. But how do you make your company stay in the public spotlight, long after the event has ended? The answer is by offering products that can be taken with. Promotional products in the form of pens, magnets, erasers, pins, and mouse pads, to name a few, are cheap to have customized with your company logo. Many people are happy to pick up items they see. It may not register for them right away if they will need your company or not. Having a reminder in their home or business about who you are, and what your company specializes in can be an excellent start that makes them think, and give you that initial phone call. From there, it is just a matter of showing how valuable your business is, and how you can be of service to them.

Always Remember The Why Behind Your Event

This may sound like obvious advice, but when you create an event, or try to promote your company in public, make sure you remember the why behind your plan. You might be hosting an event because your business is growing, and you are interested in recruiting new employees to help you make your business a success. Or, maybe you are offering a new product that the general market in your area is not aware of, so you want to show that you have something of interest for them. Before you start planning your event, it is crucial that you keep why you are doing this in the forefront of your mind. This will enable you to reach your target audience, ensuring that your money is well-spent, and you are using your time effectively. If for some reason you do not meet your goals of reaching your target audience, just make sure that you remember this information for next time. That can help you ensure your company makes the progress it needs to get ahead.

If you’ve never planned a business event before, don’t panic. Instead, think about these three factors when trying to determine how to keep your business out in public when you plan for your next event. Plan on a structure that will allow for plenty of movement, while still offering protection against sun, wind, and rain. Make sure that you have promotional items to help spread awareness of your business. You never know who will pick them up, and when you will get a phone call needing your services. Finally, always make sure you understand the why behind your event. Doing this will help you stay connected to your target audience, and ensure that you get the most out of your time and money spent investing in your event.


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