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What Potential Customers Look for When Reading Your Clients’ Reviews

Hannah Whittenly

December 14, 2017

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If you own or manage a business, then you need to be paying attention to your online reviews. Over 73 percent of people in a recent survey say that they consider reviews of a business before they shop with a company in person or online. Not only that, but over 68 percent say that they are more likely to use a business if it has positive reviews. The truth is that people consider reviews on Facebook, Yelp and other sources the same as a friend recommending a business or product. If you are a business owner, then it is important to consider what people are looking for when they read a review.

Consider Customer Service

Potential customers are reading reviews to find the level of typical customer service available from a company. They want to know that the company is equipped to greet them in a friendly manner, answer their questions, deliver on their promises and handle situations promptly. While customers know that you cannot please everyone all of the time, they want to know that someone is watching and responding to negative reviews. Customers want to know what your company did to make it right with the customer. Remember, many customers have already made up their mind what type of product they want, so make sure that you are giving them reasons to get it from you. If you are a business owner or manager, then make sure that your frontline employees are providing top-notch customer service.

Check Length of Reviews

Customers are looking at the length of reviews posted on the internet. Those that are longer are giving more consideration than shorter reviews. Most people will use more words when they are excited about a product or service. For example, the review posted on Success Path Reviews about the young lady who joined her mother in flipping a house in Arlington, Texas, would carry a lot of weight with potential customers because it took the writer 11 paragraphs to tell her story about how this company helped her and her mother flip the historic property. Therefore, if you ask customers to leave reviews of your company or products, make sure to give them plenty of space to tell their story in their own way.

Think About Frequency of Reviews

Most potential customers check when reviews are posted before making a buying decision. Therefore, it is important that you make it easy for customers to leave a review each time that they use your company. Furthermore, many potential clients admit that they read at least four to six different reviews before making a buying decision. In fact, some admit to reading up to 10 different reviews, and often from different sources. While it is vital to keep your star quality up, it is also equally important to keep the number of reviews posted continually updated.

Contemplate Verified Purchase

Potential customers want to know that the person writing the review has actually purchased a product or service from your company. Most consumers have gotten very wise at spotting fake reviews at a distance. In fact, many governments including the United States government, has issued laws about publishing fake reviews. Therefore, avoid the temptation to buy reviews by making it easy for your customers to leave their own. Reasonable misspellings, comma and grammar errors make reviews seem more authentic so do not worry that your customers may not be able to write well.

Your potential customers are looking for reviews of your business. Let them have their say by making sure that those reviews will be great by taking care of your current customer base. Then, watch your business grow exponentially.


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