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5 Key Stitches to Make Your Embroidery Business a Success

Lizzie Weakley

January 02, 2018

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Creating an embroidery business seems easy at first glance. However, marketing it and trying to find regular customers is a constant struggle. Here are 5 solutions to help you succeed in the sewing and embroidery industry:

Work with Contracts

Some businesses thrive on contracts and referrals. They sign long-term contracts with individuals and companies that need their services. Embroidery clients include clothing designers and manufacturers that are in constant need of embroidered items.

Know Your Customers

You cannot market to customers when you don’t know their genders, occupations or interests. It’s necessary to know your customers to see how you can develop specific embroidery products and services that sell. As a result, increase your profits and build a larger customer base.

Use or Sell Advanced Embroidery Machines

Today’s sewing machines combine traditional features with computer technologies. There are the traditional needle threaders, bobbin winders and thread cutters. In addition, LCD touchscreens make it easier to plan designs before making them. Some machines have LED lights that illuminate your work area and a slot to insert a USB disk. Find a variety of advanced machines from online providers like the Statewide Sewing Centre.

Local Vs National Marketing

Most business owners like to think that they serve a broad range of customers. In reality, they only serve the community located within a 50 or 100 mile radius. Most embroidery companies serve customers that mostly consist of local residents.

Some embroidery businesses are able to receive online orders and ship their products to people around the world. In that case, they need marketing that is targeted to nationwide buyers. Find out the locations of the customers you serve and create marketing campaigns for them.

Get Feedback

Always request feedback from customers regardless of the numbers you have. It takes only a few minutes to write a brief survey and another minute to send it to a customer’s email. For more responses, allow the recipients to remain anonymous and not give out their personal information. Asking for feedback is the easiest way to figure out the errors of your business.

Hundreds of thousands of new businesses open up every year. Nearly half of those businesses either fail or do not meet their financial goals. Embroidery businesses have small groups of clients and need all of the resources they can get to succeed. Review the tips made to make sure that your company succeeds in this industry.


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