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Be an Undercover Boss: 4 Areas of Your Business Worth Inspecting Further

Hannah Whittenly

January 30, 2018

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On the show, “Undercover Boss,” CEO’s are sent to diverse parts of their companies to see what they’re employees really think and to find out what issues need to be resolved. If you’re a CEO, you don’t have to be on a reality TV show to do that. You don’t even have to go undercover. Just go to different parts of your business, observe and work alongside your employees. Here is what you just might find out about these four areas of your business:

Product Manufacturing

Being a product manufacturer is a very difficult jobs. Employees have to communicate with others over loud machinery and must follow many different regulations. If you, as a CEO, feel that they aren’t happy with their jobs, then you should have a meeting with all of them. You can tell them that it’s okay for them to voice their opinions and ask for improvements. Look for areas where the manufacturing process can be made simpler and make it a point to solve issues that keep productivity at bay.


A sales department usually has to communicate with all sorts of clients, even premium ones. Though there isn’t much physical labor involved, there can be stress. After all, there are quotas to be made and your company pretty much relies on their success to survive. By getting down on their level, you’ll be able to see what the customers really have to say from firsthand experience. You’ll be able to see what tactics aren’t working and who is struggling to sell. Reach out to those who are struggling and help them to get access to better training. Your business will only thrive more because of that.

Client Services

You’ve heard it before—the customer is always right! Your Client Services team knows that more than anybody as they get to hear about your customers’ complaints and suggestions. By taking the time to be on the ground level of your business by hearing customer feedback, you’ll better be able to know how to better your company for your customers’ sake. After all, money and profits aside, businesses are created to serve the needs of people. As you pay attention to the feedback, you’ll have a better idea of how you can do just that in a better way.


You may not realize it, but the warehouse is one the most important parts of your business because that’s where your stock is. It’s also a place where employees are at greater risk of getting hurt. By working alongside the warehouse with your employees, you’ll see hazards that nobody has pointed out just yet and that need to be addressed. You’ll notice ways that it can be more organized, which will impact productivity. Take a look at your employees’ needs in this area and analyze the reasons why they see their needs as being priority. If their forklifts keep breaking down, for example, then you may want to make it a point to get new equipment, like that from Heavy Lift Forklifts. Malfunctioning equipment in a warehouse could lead to injuries and a delay in your business’s overall productivity.

As you go about your business inspecting the ins and outs of it, make sure to listen to everyone and pay attention to everything. Take notes and ask lots of questions!


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