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Taking Your Product to a Business Trade Show? 4 Steps to a Successful Presentation

Hannah Whittenly

February 08, 2018

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Business trade shows offer a tremendous opportunity to promote your business. There, you will be able to talk to potential customers about the benefits of your product. At the trade show, you will want the best presentation possible. Here are four steps that will help give you a successful presentation display.

Use Attention Grabbers

Attract individuals to your booth by using easy to read banners, have a contest, or a prize drawing. Take the time to show how your product works and the benefits of using the merchandise. If it is any way possible, let spectators engage in trying the product. Choose a distinctive way to make things interesting, informative, as well as eye-catching. If you use a banner stand, make sure all literature is appealing to the eye and easy to understand.

Stand up and Be Ready

Treat a trade show as if you were working in your business office. You will find that many exhibitor staff tends to sit down behind a table. Instead, stand out in front where your potential customers are walking. Be motivated by your product and promote its benefits to the looking eye. Looking like a professional instead of sitting down on the job will go a long way.

Have an Informative but Entertaining Booth

Having an informative, entertaining booth will catch the eye of a potential customer. To do this, use display risers in a tier fashion to show off your most compelling products. Using this strategy will also provide plenty of room for your display to look inviting. It also will give you a perfect place to put a computer screen with entertaining information. Be sure to place the screen on a display riser, so it can stand out for all to see.

Be Assertive and Not Aggressive

It is excellent to be assertive and interact with your potential customers. In fact, they usually like it when you show interest in them and listen to their concerns. As a result, they view you as a professional who is knowledgeable. A little advice, do not be aggressive toward a potential customer. It is better to have them perceive a good impression about you than an unprofessional one.

Marketing your business at a trade show will give you the opportunity for substantial growth. It also will help new potential customers understand the benefits that your product offers. Choose the best trade show for your products.


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