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Neighborhood Garage Door Service’ 6 Expert Tips on Improving the Business Environment to Attract More Customers

James Cummings

February 09, 2018

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The state of your business premises plays a big part in your business’ ability to both attract and satisfy customers. Just as in personal human interactions, in business, first impressions make lasting impressions.

“Do not judge a book by it’s cover.” You’ve heard that a thousand times, but of course you know that’s just the opposite of what we really do in reality. Yes, we all have a tendency to judge a book by it’s cover! We instantly try assess a person by their outlook. And we consciously or subconsciously estimate a business or brand by its premises and the attitude of the first few staff members we see or interact with. It’s just instinctive.

But even more notable is the fact that while first impressions may not always be right, they always last and may never change for some people. And that can have an awful lot of effect on your brand image and bottom line as a business owner.

This is especially true for first-time customers who are doubtful of your business’ capability, once they see your premises are unimpressive. This is because first impressions are vital and the quickest way to make a bad or good first impression is through appearances.

“When you walk into a store for the first time to do some shopping, you are likely to find the business setting off-putting if the store is unclean and untidy, the merchandise on display is in disarray, and worst of all, the store clerk is rude and unfriendly. Chances are you’ll probably never visit that store again and will take your shopping elsewhere,” Mark, a marketing expert from Neighborhood Garage Door Services explained.

Mark says such unpleasant scenarios and consequent negative feedbacks can be avoided when business owners improve their business setting and create a conducive environment that customers can find appealing. This includes putting in place these key modern business features:

  1. Clean and Orderly Environment

It is essential that your business premises are clean at all times. Cleanliness doesn’t extend to your floors alone, but also to your furnishing, equipment, and personnel. A disorderly place of business is bound to be a huge turn-off for potential clients.

It doesn’t matter the sort of services you are providing, whether hairdressing, fitness classes, restaurant, or even computer repairs. As long as you have customers walking in to patronize your business, every aspect of your premises has to be tidy.

“Some businesses don’t quite appreciate the full importance of creating real sense of order outdoors with proper warehousing of all heavy equipment and having a modern, automatic garage for parking of vehicles by  both employees and customers. But having these in place further helps to declutter the office premises, gives it a natural feel, and enhances workers’ productivity as well as customers’ mood,” Mark said.

     2. Natural Elements

Businesses should also consider adding natural elements such as trees, flowers, and stone to the business premise as it has the tendency to stimulate creative thinking. A natural, serene environment has a way of putting people in a calm mood, which according to research is one of the best predictors for creative performance.  

Also have in place a refreshing scent that customers will find appealing. To ensure your place of business always has a refreshing scent to match a clean look, you should consider installing a commercial air freshener dispenser, he said.

Warm, productivity-boosting colors should be prefered. While businesses typically consider the brand color first (which is fine), priority should also be given to shades that are associated with tranquility, peace and openness for a more benign environment. It will help keep everyone in a more relaxed frame of mind, and also boost productivity and innovation among the work team, and consequently better customer satisfaction.

     3. Proper Lighting

Many businesses underestimate the power of proper lighting in improving the presentation of their business premises. A light that’s too glaring can be a turnoff for customers and can give your products on display an unattractive appearance.

On the other hand, light that’s too dim and has an unnatural hue, might not exhibit the true quality of your merchandise. The best form of lighting for most business settings is natural lighting. However, if your business requires privacy and so can’t afford to have open windows, then consider installing LED lights.

    4. Equipment

Customers are always impressed by the sight of the latest equipment in a place of business. Conversely, the sight of outdated equipment can trigger doubt in a potential customer about your business’ ability to deliver expected results. Showing your clients that you operate with the best technology available is one easy way of convincing them of your business’ commitment to customer satisfaction.

    5. Modern and Conducive Office Arrangement

Brands that want to take their business to the next level have learnt to incorporate the concept of ergonomics into their work culture. Ergonomics is the science of improving the workplace arrangement to boost worker productivity.

Why not do the same to increase customer satisfaction? Business owners and HR managers can optimise the office setting by rearranging it in a manner that improves customer experience.

For example, improve the ease of customers getting their goods or services and make the checkout process stress free. Customers hate long queues at checkout counters, same goes for having to jump through unnecessary hoops to get services they require. They’ll definitely appreciate a business setting that improves and facilitates the best customer experience.

    6. Security

“Improved security that doesn’t interfere with a customer’s shopping experience will increase confidence as it implies a customer can transact in peace rather than worry about their safety,” said Jason, also from Neighborhood Garage Door Services.

No doubt, adding these changes to your business will cost you financially, but the investment is worth it. To get the financing you need to make these modifications, experts such as LendGenius suggest a short-term business loan, merchant cash advance, term loans, and other similar small business funding types as convenient options.


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