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4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s On-Site SEO

Elena Velikova

February 12, 2018

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Increased visibility online is something every small business owner wants. Getting your company to rank high for key Google searches can prove instrumental in improving the way your company does business. After all, it’s a simple concept: the more people who can access your product, the more sales you’re likely to make. The question then becomes, how do you design your website so that it’s both SEO friendly and informative to your visitors? The good news is, you can accomplish both by following these four simple steps:

Produce Rich, Informative Content

The truth is, you don’t have to sacrifice your website’s appeal to human readers in order to focus on SEO. Rather, search engines have begun to adapt to the way humans read websites. So creating content that answers pivotal questions in your industry will not only be beneficial to potential customers, it’ll likely improve your SEO as well.

Link and Backlink

Chances are, your website has a blog that you’ve maintained for some time. (And if you don’t have a company blog yet –– now is the time to start!) And, it’s also likely that a number of the topics you’ve covered relate to each other. For example: a company that produces lab equipment might have blogs about drawing needles, stethoscopes, serum separator tubes, or even lab coats. While all of those blogs are valuable on their own, they’re even more powerful when you link related blogs to one another. This not only will strengthen the authority of your site, but also increase reader engagement at the same time.

Go Meta

Behind every great web page is a great meta description. Even though your readers might never see them, search engines certainly will. So craft them with care and make sure that they remain on point.

Learn From the Competition

Identifying where your competitors excel and where they fall short is an important aspect of developing an intricate business strategy. At the end of the day, beating your competition is the name of the game. In the same way, finding where your competitors have omitted important content can give you a blueprint to ranking for valuable keywords. Do note though, that keywords are best used sparingly. Think of them as an extra layer of seasoning to spice up your work.

The Bottom Line

The best way to improve your website’s visibility online is to make it a priority. You’ll never be able to better your standing on the web with a stagnant site. So whether that means outsourcing your SEO efforts to a marketing agency, or making it a priority in-house, dynamic content is the key to bolstering your on-site SEO.


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