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Perimeter Protection: How to Make Sure Your Company Property is Always Secure

Lizzie Weakley

March 09, 2018

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When your business property is the target of a robbery, vandalism or another type of crime, the effects can be far-reaching. Some crimes may cause you to close down your operations for a few days while you repair the damage or replenish your inventory. You may also need to pay your business property insurance deductible or incur other expenses. In addition, your business revenue may decline if your customers feel unsafe visiting your establishing, and this could have long-term consequences that could potentially be difficult to overcome. There are many reasons why it makes sense for most businesses to invest in property security, and these are a few of the most cost-effective ways to protect your commercial property.


Install the Right Style of Fencing

Fencing is an affordable security feature to install in comparison to some of the other security features that you may be thinking about using, such as a security system. Fencing, such as a tall ornamental wrought iron fence installed by Phoenix Fence Company, could be intimidating for criminals to look at. With a locked gate on the fence at night, the fence can increase the amount of time and energy it takes for criminals to access the property. Many criminals look for a property that is easier for them to break into. Because of this, a tall fence is a wonderful security feature.


Use Exterior Lighting at Night

Criminals typically avoid committing crimes on properties that are well-lit at night. This is because it is easier for passersby to spot their suspicious activities and to report them to the police. Installing bright exterior lights and leaving them on all night is one option. Another option is to use motion sensors that turn your exterior lights on when movement is detected.


Improve Landscaping

Darkness is only one source of concealment that criminals look for. Criminals can also hide behind thick vegetation as they try to break into a property. A smart idea is to adjust your landscaping design so that tall or thick vegetation does not block any doors or windows. In addition, regularly care for your vegetation so that its growth is not problematic.


As you can see, there are many exterior features that can affect the overall security of your commercial property. While you may still wish to invest in an expensive security system, these are some reasonably affordable and highly effective ways to secure the exterior of your property before you take on the expense of a security system installation project.


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