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Drive more traffic to your WordPress website by using these SEO tips

Sujain Thomas

May 11, 2018

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WordPress SEO is not a complicated process at all. You need to be aware some simple tips and techniques to drive sales and traffic to your business. You will find several successful businesses in the market are using WordPress for search engine optimization and receiving positive results in the process.

Do search engines prefer WordPress?

This is one of the first questions that most business owners ask experts when it comes to using the best CMS platform for search engine optimization. WordPress has several SEO friendly features that are simple for search engines to pick up. This is why it is ideal for you to embrace if you are looking for better brand presence and more traffic. The salient goal of all business owners is to drive sales and traffic to their business websites, and WordPress is a definite way of achieving this goal.

2 Advantages of using WordPress for search engine optimization

The following are some of the key advantages that WordPress has for search engine optimization-

  1. You don’t need technical knowledge - WordPress has some easy-to-install plugins to help you technically do everything you need to. You can post and edit content easily, and you don’t need to hire specialists to do so. Even changes to your website can be done immediately with the help of these plugins.
  2. WordPress allows you to update your website frequently - WordPress allows you to update your website regularly. Search engines like active websites and they are placed much higher on search engine ranks over static sites. So, when you choose WordPress for your business, you not only get an easy website to update but a high ranking one as well.

Configuring WordPress for SEO

WordPress can be easily configured for search engine optimization. There are some themes that you can easily install on your website when you are using WordPress. When you are choosing a theme, check whether it is relevant to your site or not. To get good results, ensure you choose a theme that is primarily suited for SEO purposes only. If you need to buy a premium theme for the task, go ahead and do so. This is a one-time investment however it will go a very long way in driving revenue and sales to your business. When you are using permalinks, ensure you set it to “postname” to allow the title to appear in the link over a number.

Install A Complete SEO Pack Plugin – complete solution for your business website

New York City SEO experts suggest there is a plugin called “ All -in- One SEO Pack." This is one of the most widely -sought after plugins in WordPress for search engine optimization. Here, you need to enter the title, keywords, and description of the home page. This will be visible in your search engine results. The experts say that you should understand how this plugin works as it primarily benefits the search engine optimization of your site and produces effective results. They say as your site gets older you can address plugins issues with awareness and knowledge given to you by specialists. They help you understand how to combat spam, manage comments, accelerate loading time of your WordPress site and more.

Know how to optimize posts and pages on WordPress for SEO

To get positive results for search engine optimization, ensure your site has optimized content that is important for your business. The post should be focused on the keyword of your business and used in headings, titles and throughout the post. However, when you are creating the content ensure the keyword is not stuffed in the post. It should be distributed evenly throughout the whole page.  Another way to improve SEO for a WordPress post or page is to use graphics links. The images should be high in resolution. The post should have internal links to authoritative pages so that user experience and engagement is enhanced. Before you post content to check it carefully. This may be a boring task, but if you need a plugin to do it, you can easily find one. There are a host of plugins for you to install on the WordPress website.  

Key mistakes for you to avoid when using WordPress for your business website

The following are some mistakes for you to avoid when you are using WordPress-

  • Unfriendly URLs - You will find that WordPress gives you default URL with numbers. Edit this URL as mentioned earlier so that search engines can identify the keyword and rank your page on its results better. In case the title is very long you can edit it and make it shorter, there are plugins again to help you!
  • Set meta descriptions - WordPress SEO implies you should write a high- quality description for every post with the keyword inserted at the beginning of the page. It is advised not to use a plugin for the task as it will automatically pick up a part of the post and make it the description of your page. Do it manually and get good results.
  • Do not miss out on sitemaps - sitemaps help users to navigate the website, and it is prudent to set one for your business site for improved visibility on the Internet.
  • Internal and external links - Ensure that your WordPress site has both internal and external links. This is crucial for improving the trust and credibility of the website for better search engine optimization. The internal links should always refer to authoritative sites on the Internet. Use them evenly in the post content. Again, here do not overwhelm the reader with too many internal links.

Therefore, if you are a business owner and wish to drive sales and traffic to your website keep the above points and suggestions in mind. Find good search engine optimization companies and professionals with proven track records to help you out. In this way, you effectively can improve online visibility and get the desired online traffic to increase sales of your goods or services too! 


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