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5 Unique Ways to Make Your Storefront Stand out from Your Competition

Lizzie Weakley

June 13, 2018

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The retail business is currently under siege. The online marketplaces that so many Americans order from are having the intended side effect of killing off small mom and pop retailers. This means that now, more than ever, it is important to maximize every competitive advantage available for your storefront.


One major advantage brick and mortar establishments have over online sellers is the ability to present a physical location that provides instant gratification. A good way to attract more customers is to ensure that your storefront gets noticed among the crowd. In this article, we will check out 5 unique ways to make your storefront stand out from your competition.


Design Your Storefront to Match Your Product

When potential customers walk past your establishment it is imperative that they understand at a glance what it is you are selling. Whether you are a purveyor of fine chocolates or a clothing store- your walk-in customers need to be able to differentiate you from the other stores.


Make Sure Your Parking Lot Is Presentable and Accessible

In order to get to your store, many people will drive. If your own vehicles are parked in your driveway that leaves little room for customers. Always make sure to keep as many empty spots in front of your store as well. Also tidy up the pavement as much as possible to give your shop a classy look. Permeable paving may be a good way to keep everything looking fresh.


Use Complimentary Colors

No one remembers a boring color scheme. In order to make sure that your storefront “pops” make sure to use in fashion colors in unique combinations. The right color scheme could mean the difference between someone walking in or walking right past your store.


Prominent and Clean Signs

When people approach your storefront, you want them to think that your establishment is a welcoming and clean place. A great way to make that first impression is to have a quality sign that rises high above your building. Ensure that the letters are clear and any grime is removed.


Keep Some Things Familiar and Some Things the Same

While many people like to try new things, others can be put off by too much change. Your best bet is to strike a balance between the two philosophies and maintain a “classic” look for part of your storefront while the rest is changed depending on the season, sales, new products, etc.


Maintaining a quality storefront is harder than ever. If you take these tips into mind while updating your storefront you will be going a long way towards standing out from your competition.


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