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Versatile: 3 Tips for Making Your Employees Extra Efficient

Brooke Chaplan

August 03, 2018

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In any business, the human resources are the most vital to ensuring the business’s success. At the same time, human resources have a tendency to be less efficient than a computerized or robotic equivalent. That’s why any improvements in efficiency which can be realized can have a dramatic effect on the overall success of the company. With that in mind, here are three tips to help your employees be as efficient as possible throughout the course of their day.


While you certainly want your employees to be able to focus on specific tasks, it’s important, especially in a smaller business, to have versatile employees who can perform a variety of tasks in the event of an absence of another employee. Whether this means a few extra, specific training modules, like medium rigid truck training, some time spent working hands-on at each position, or specific certifications such as tool certifications, having employees who can help pick up the slack can help your business operate much more smoothly and efficiently.

Keep It Clean

When it comes to a workplace, it’s easy to see that a clutter-free space is more efficient than a messy and disorganized space. Keeping your workplace clean and clutter-free, however, can be a bit of a challenge. Unlike at home, where it’s easier to take ownership of messes big and small, a workplace is a communal space, meaning that if something gets left out and no one claims it, it’s probably just going to stay out. That’s why it’s important to have periodic cleaning days where everyone can get items put away so they’re easily found the next time they’re needed.

Show Appreciation

An employee who feels like they’re in a dead-end job is unlikely to be very productive or efficient in anything they’re doing. On the other hand, an employee who feels valued and appreciated is quite likely to be totally efficient at almost any task they do. The will and desire to work is a powerful thing, allowing work to both be done more quickly and more impressively, resulting in a better work environment for everyone. Appreciation doesn’t have to be big and flashy. In fact, a consistent but small show of appreciation will go much further in letting your employees know you’re truly sincere.

Set the Example

In business, efficiency begins at the top, meaning that if you want your employees to be efficient, you have to set a good, productive example. A consistent work ethic displayed to your employees will let them know that you’re willing to be in the trenches with them and that you care about the success of the business just as much as they do. This knowledge is a powerful motivation as you seek to develop your employees into all that they can be.


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