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Does Your Restaurant Mean Business?

Dave Thomas

August 27, 2018

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Running a restaurant can take up many hours of your day.

That said it is important to do all you can to promote your restaurant. Without sound marketing, it can be hard to keep customers coming through the door.

With that being the case, does your restaurant mean business?

Take Inventory of How Your Promote Your Brand

Given the sizable amount of competition in the industry, it is important to not fall behind.

Among some of the ways to best promote your restaurant brand:

1. Customer testimonials – What better way to promote your restaurant than with your customers? While not all customers will give you rave reviews, there should be a fair number of them willing to do so. You may even think about giving them some incentives such as discounted visits and more. No, you’re not buying their votes like a politician might. Find those willing to go on camera or online and say why they feel positive about your restaurant. Such testimonials can be a great way to attract new business.

2. Website blogging – Do you have a restaurant blog on your website? If not, you should add one as soon as possible. The blog can be about many different things. You can detail all your restaurant has to offer. This means food, good prices, the right steak knives and other items to make it pleasurable. You can also blog about trends in the restaurant industry in general. For example, if your restaurant has great steaks, discuss any current trends in that area of food. The more info you put out there for consumers, the better chance you have of them coming through your door for a meal.

3. Social networking – You would downright foolish not to engage in social media. That said you want to have a social media game plan in place. Know which site or sites you think you have the best opportunity for success with. If it is Facebook, you are not alone. There are more than a billion users on the world’s leading social site. As a result, you could see more business coming your way when you are active there. You should also be considering a profile on Instagram. That site replaced Twitter not too long ago as the number two social media network among the public.

4. Assessing where you are at – Last, always take some time to assess where your restaurant business is at. It can become easy to get stuck in rut. When you do, propelling your business forward can be more difficult. Look to see not only what you are doing right, but where you could improve to get more satisfied customers your way. Taking stock of where your business is today will help you get it to where you want to be tomorrow.

No matter the business you run, are you serving up tasty profits?


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