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The Storefront: How to Keep Your Product Overflow Organized

Lizzie Weakley

September 10, 2018

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An organized storefront can be crucial to keeping and attracting your customers. Sometimes, it can be more of a challenge in order to maintain your level of organization. Here are some tips that you can employ in order to maintain your level of cleanliness and order in your storefront.


Stock Shelves Accordingly

Stock your shelves in such a way as to showcase your products to the best effect. Use lighting and other tricks to make it more appealing to customers. Look into stocking items that are generally purchased together in similar locations. You want to give the impression of convenience to your customers. They may also be more likely to purchase items if they’re easier to locate.


Use Storage Solutions

You can better take advantage of the space that’s available to you by using stackable plastic storage containers. This will allow you to use vertical real estate as well as horizontal real estate on your shelves. Another solution is to have shelves that are higher in nature. It will allow you to hold more stock in an organized fashion without having to sacrifice floor space. Use these same strategies in your stockroom so that items can be cleared out with ease.


Use Themes to Advantage

Keeping your inventory current will help you to move more product at a quicker rate. The best way to go about this strategy is to use the FIFO method when it comes to stocking your shelves. It stands for First In, First Out. Another solution is to only order to amount of product that you think that you’ll actually sell using a forecasting model. If you find yourself with too much old inventory, consider discounting it in order to clear up some space.


Keep It Tidy

A clean and tidy storefront attracts more customers than one that appears unkempt. Even if you have a lot of stock, doesn’t excuse it for being dirty looking. Have your employees thoroughly clean all of the items that are on the shelves on at least a weekly basis. Have items restocked in a timely fashion so that customers don’t leave your store feeling frustrated. You want to be known as the store that always has what everyone is looking for and needs.


An organized storefront will work to your advantage. Develop strategies so that you can properly maintain your stock with the minimal amount of effort. Satisfied customers will ensure that your business is around for years to come.


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