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The Ideal SEO Checklist to Optimize Your Online Shop

Clara Bones

October 02, 2018

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It is extremely important to practice SEO for e-commerce as it helps the e-commerce sites to gain popularity in their respective industries. It does not matter if you are selling services or tangible products. What matters is that you have to build a strong and popular online presence. A huge part of this online presence is having your website in the top 10 results of the Google search. This is one of the most defining aspects, which is determining the success and failure of the e-commerce businesses. It is true that the competition is getting tough as a number of other businesses are also entering this virtual field. However, there are a number of tips that can be advantageous for your business so that you can remain an important part of the competition.

Given below is a list of the best e-commerce SEO practices, which will be extremely helpful if you are looking forward to building an online shop successfully and boost your business.

Purchasing a service of web hosting

The basic act of buying a premium hosting is extremely scary in the beginning, especially when you have just started and your budget is not big enough. No matter what, it is important to understand that speed and efficiency is crucial for your website. Many studies have proved that a delay of even two seconds on your website can turn at least 16% of your target customers away.

If you see that your website is exhibiting issues like glitches, site crashing, or any kind of error reports, you can be in trouble. It is crucial that when you are preparing your budget, you think about investing in a web hosting service so that there are no glitches on your website and your customers do not go away.


The branding of the company has to be present throughout the website. You have to assure that the logo or the brand is visible on the title of your page as well as the homepage.

Prioritizing SEO

Studies have shown that around 46% of the customers start purchasing services and products through the reputed search engines like Google. This is why your first priority should be optimizing the site for Google for reaching the position of the top 10 results of Google search. This will be extremely helpful for your company in the end.

Having a blog

When you have a business, you cannot forget that being consistent is the key to success. This is why you should start a blog that is related to the products or services that you sell on your site. Moreover, this is one of the best ways of building a huge fan base as it can bring more and more people to your site either on a regular or a weekly basis. In this manner, your customers can understand what you are doing and there are chances that they visit the product section for purchasing something.

Building email subscriber lists

It is important to have an email subscriber list as it is extremely handy. This list allows you to connect with all your visitors and you can also send them different kinds of promotions and offers for increasing the sales. The best way of doing this is by collecting the email addresses when your customers are checking out after purchasing a product. Moreover, if any customer decides not to purchase after adding a product to their cart, you have the option of sending them abandonment emails for reactivating the shopping process.

There are many e-commerce sites that collect emails through a pop-up every time a person visits the website. You can also offer to email exciting coupons so that people are convinced to provide their email ID to you. It is also crucial that you do not keep spamming your customers after you have received the email ID or they may end up blocking you.

Adding the search bar

If you are selling a number of products of different kinds, you should consider adding the search bar on the homepage. Keep in mind that you must have 50 items or more for adding the search bar. When you add the search bar, the users do not have to scroll constantly to find out the perfect product that they are looking for.

Scrolling constantly can be a huge turn-off and your customers may never visit your website again if they do not find it convenient to search the products in an easy and hassle-free manner. You can take help from various digital marketing companies in Adelaide to optimize your e-commerce website in a better manner.

Accepting a number of payment options

Apart from MasterCard and Visa, the customers should be able to make payments through a number of other payment methods. You should ensure that your website takes credit as well as debit cards and accept the conventional methods of payment like Apple Pay or PayPal. When customers see that they can pay through a number of methods, they will definitely love to shop on your website.

Writing informative and interesting product descriptions

It is necessary that you write product descriptions that are not only interesting but also informative. While doing so, you need to avoid huge blocks of texts and ensure that the descriptions are concise and short. You can use bullet points for highlighting the keywords in both the functions of the products as well as the benefits that the customers will get by using the products. You need to have a proper knowledge of the keywords that your customers are using for searching a particular product, and you should use them in the product description.

Getting rid of advertisements

Most of the businesses think that when they have advertisements on their site, they will be able to generate income steadily. On the contrary, visitors tend to develop less trust in your business if you have advertisements on your website that redirect them to some other place that may or may not be safe. Therefore, you should get rid of the advertisements and make sure that all your income comes from the sales as opposed to the number of ad clicks on your website.


It is true that most businesses think that owning e-commerce websites can be extremely intimidating. If you can implement the steps that are mentioned above, there will be chances of improving the sales as well as keeping your customers engaged. This is why you should make the SEO attractive and efficient for enjoying and increased traffic as well as the income that is going to come with it.


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