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The Role of Computerized Maintenance Management System Software in Manufacturing

Anne Davis

December 05, 2018

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There are many different businesses and companies that count on computerized maintenance management system software to keep the wheels on their professional efforts turning. While this technology is decades old, we’ve recently entered a new era with the implementation of mobile devices, the internet of things and modular platforms. This next-generation CMMS is sophisticated and efficient enough to interact with users in real time, monitoring machinery and communicating performance metrics by the second. Along with all these fast and smart protocols, establishments from the pharmaceutical field to the mining industry take advantage of the benefits of CMMS.

How this software is used in everyday-workplace situations deserves a closer look:


In certain circumstances, CMMS can schedule preventive maintenance for the machines that build modes of transportation. Instead of wasting time waiting for problems to occur within a production machine, automated inspection and maintenance for these systems raises efficiency. Contrary to what some companies believe, these preventative checks are cost-effective by increasing production vs downtime for emergencies. Although the software may not be able to perform the maintenance itself, alert protocols prevent lapses in performance.

Food Manufacturing

Just about everyone in the United States knows to look for some kind of nutrition information on the side of the food packages. It all goes back to computerized maintenance management software found in the food processing industry. This tech makes sure each packet of popcorn weighs the right amount and each can of vegetables is cooked just right. Those kinds of measurements cannot be "eyeballed" or done with freehand measurements. The machines the systems that run the operating machines function around the clock. In some cases, these systems are only given a rest for routine diagnostic checks.


There are times in fields of professional practice where production does really play into the bottom line. In places like pharmaceutical facilities it really all comes down to providing service in the careful and most efficient way possible. Throughout the pharmaceutical field, the ability to send pertinent information without the need to second guess paperwork or information is tantamount to saving lives. This helps professionals execute tasks precisely in their service based on gathered data. Using computerized maintenance management system software, the chances of mishandling information or forgetting critical procedures is lower than ever before.

Mining Industry

Of course, there are few industries where good people work harder to make a living than mining. It's dangerous at times and requires more savvy than many people think. In order to even think about making an honest living in the mining field, a company has to be so familiar with the current and changing government regulations it's kind of scary. The good part about staying compliant with government regulations is that the standards can be surprisingly easy. The challenge comes in keeping track with the sheer volume of rules. Computerized maintenance management software makes staying within the lines easy by alerting users to rules being broken

Whether they are making sure that production systems remain running smoothly or a company stays compliant, CMMS software works. Their presence is so widely accepted in big business and agriculture that life without them is somewhat unimaginable. They smarten up the work product of just about everything in the modern world. Three cheers for CMMS software.


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