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5 Online Apps That Help You Manage Your Inventory

Ashley Rosa

January 07, 2019

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With the impressive advancements in modern technology, businesses are now depending more than ever on online resources. Competition among organizations is tough and has resulted in a rat race among entrepreneurs to keep up with the latest trends. There are numerous mobile apps to help you manage your business, connect with customers immediately, manage workflow effectively, and eventually sell more.


Businesses are trying to keep up in this digital age. There are two aspects through which you can improve your business:

  • Hardware: using devices that promote flexibility, such as laptops and smartphones, and other products that facilitate inventory and sale
  • Software: various mobile apps that run on a number of devices to encompass all aspects of a business, including customer management, professional logo design, product inventory, and recording transactions at the point of sale.


Why Inventory Software?

This article focuses on the importance of inventory software. Without the proper apps, running an online business can be stressful. Managing stock is essential for running a successful business. So, whether you own an online leather jacket store or online gourmet bakery, you need to select a system that meets your needs.

Inventory management software is an ideal tool for entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on important aspects of the business, such as:

  • Product categorization- Items are organized within categories such as name, price, supplier, etc.
  • Stock levels - It warns them when certain items are low in stock. They can be reordered automatically. And once this is completed, the product stock is updated.
  • Manage sales and orders
  • Immediate synchronization- The inventory is updated in real time with recent sales through electronic scanning and tracking of products.
  • Analyze demand- It tracks inventory movement to monitor which items are more in demand than others.
  • Automatic reordering
  • Organize contacts- Vendor and customer information is easily accessible.


Here are some online apps that can help you manage inventory:


1. Fishbowl

It’s an easy to use platform with exceptional sales and order tracking elements. Fishbowl is a simple, uncluttered, and understandable interface that allows you to run multiple facets of your business. Information about the product can be input manually, imported from spreadsheets, or obtained by scanning the barcode of the product. It can then be tracked via serial number, making it ideal for warehouses. Fishbowl easily integrates with numerous e-commerce platforms. However, the data cannot be directly imported from the sales channel. The app allows notifications about low inventory to be forwarded to the concerning department along with notes and photos of the product. Additionally, customer and vendor information is efficiently organized in comprehensive databases, permitting access to information to all concerned parties.


2. TradeGecko

This app aims at unifying and improving the sales process for retailers and wholesalers. It consolidates all of the internet-based technology into one service so that you can run your business and manage inventory simultaneously. One of the best features is that it facilitates the placing of orders while you’re on the go. Synchronization of data is completed instantaneously by accessing the catalog section from the mobile app. Since satisfying customer demand is essential for a successful business, inventory is pulled automatically to keep stock levels up to date and prevent overselling. Sales orders are created and recorded along with pictures and details of the product so that the requests and needs of clients are fulfilled precisely. Quotes, invoices, and orders can be reviewed, finalized, and referred to at any time from anywhere. 


3. inFlow

It’s a comprehensive inventory tracking software which is ideal for e-commerce companies, retailers, and wholesalers. For those who don’t use the cloud, another version, inFlow On-Premises, is available, allowing them to use the local network. However, the cloud option permits access to data from multiple locations, as long as you have an internet connection. It is one of the easiest ways to run and manage an item-based business. You can even use your phone as a barcode scanner. And you can effortlessly multi-task, switching between filling customer orders, generating orders, invoicing, reordering, and customizing reports with ease. And the plus point is that inFlow integrates with Quickbooks Online to simplify accounting and documenting transactions.


4. Goods Order Inventory Pro

Backed with the latest technology, you can utilize the business patterns to track and manage inventory. With the use of a browser, you can simply monitor and manage several aspects anywhere in the world. This flexibility promotes a multi-user and multi-location environment. You can use any device, iOS or Android, to access and expand your company. The greatest advantage of Goods Order Inventory Pro is that it offers online and offline modes. The app lets you work even if you don’t have the internet. Data is synced once you’re online once again. Another feature to highlight is that this software analyzes inventory. It can identify losses due to obsolete inventory, track consumer demand, use data to map future demand, and manage orders for products available within the inventory.


5. Inventory Pro

This is a flexible inventory and warehouse management app used by businesses to optimize efficiency and productivity. Not only does this software provide all the basic inventory needs such as searching items, gaining visibility on stock status, setting maximum and minimum reorder levels, etc., but it also has features to monitor items as they are shipped. Several modules of Inventory Pro are available, allowing users to customize the app according to their unique requirements. The cloud allows all data to be integrated, whether it’s accounts, purchases, shipment, reordering, delivering to outlets, etc. With the easy-to-use structure and comprehensive reporting system, you can monitor and manage as well as integrate tools and devices to effectively run your business with confidence.


Every business needs tools to help it prosper, especially one that monitors and regulates inventory. It needs to document transactions from multiple locations in order to keep data about the stock up to date and help team members to stay organized. Depending on your budget and the requirements of your business, you need to decide which app to select. Once the system is implemented, you’re guaranteed to notice a difference.


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