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How to Choose Freelancers: The Building Blocks of Your Startup

Sarah Del Rosario

May 09, 2019

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Millions of regular employees are willing to give up their careers and start up a freelance business that can give them more flexible time to create the standard of living they want. This kind of desire is kind of impossible because of the unmatched shift and routine that majority companies around the world offers.


Looking for freelance workers to hire is getting more conventional and striking for many new business entrepreneurs. It is a great opportunity for capable and skillful worker is created with this emerging field of freelance business. It also promotes a career growth that can sustain self-employed laborers.


When you already have the courage to start up your new endeavor as an entrepreneur, contracting freelancers is one of the best option in order to line up the blueprint of company. Probability of finding the best workers you needed for a team is high. But how can you tell that the applicant is worth an employment?


Here are some tips on how to choose freelancers when starting up a business:


      Concrete framework

Every project and assignment given by the client should be designed accordingly to the requirements. Planning ahead of time is essential.

We are not living in a fantasy world. Freelancers are not fortune tellers that can get exactly what you want them to do after a few emails and limited information. Giving them the data and guidelines they needed is not equal to “spoon feeding”. You need to spend time and identify carefully what does your client needs. Doing this will help you find the right person for the job. From the very start, make a list of the skills required and the job description to do to ensure that misconceptions are avoided when it comes to the job seekers.

      Check your resources

Assess your ability to pay. Hiring an employee means paying money. If you like to save pennies or if you have limited funds, you may consider looking for freelancers overseas that you can deal with a reasonable price for a given project and also get results that is skillfully done.

You need to find your own balance. Evaluate when you should pay more or pay less. Get things done accordingly in the most practical way.


      Initial screening

Sometimes first impression really lasts. You should immediately eliminate those unqualified applicants. Filtering the list from the beginning will help you find ease when choosing the right one.

You can proceed to further methods after that if you want. Employers usually require phone interviews and video as well to know more information about the freelancers. You can assess their interest and check if they know even single information about the field that they are applying for. Do they have previous experience doing what you need? Some can actually do the hiring process based on their skill and capabilities, you can conduct a paid test assignment if you want.

If you think they are not fit with the job, just move on to the next.


      Use your connections

Posting a job online right away is a great idea. But before that you may consider accepting and entertaining referrals from your colleagues.

Connect with the people you already know in the industry and see if they have acquaintances they can recommend to do the job. Your current or former freelancers can also help you with this matter. You can also ask your clients and can even join groups and events in social media. You can find it so overwhelming finding so talented people. Linking to people around you is of big importance. But always keep in mind that it is still you who must decide whether to hire or not.


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