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How to Ease the Transition from Having At-Home Employees to Sharing an Office

Anica Oaks

June 19, 2019

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If you’re tired of your remote work from home situation because you feel the environment is making you unmotivated and unproductive, then maybe it’s time to move to an office set-up. The reason why majority of companies utilize an 8 hour office shift is simply because employees get more work done in a professional atmosphere. Here under are some tips to help you ease the transition from having at-home employees to sharing an office space.

Remember to Always Be Punctual

With shifting schedules or a regular 9 to 5 schedule in place, it is important to remind all your employees to be punctual. This shows that your respect other people because you place importance on their time. Consider investing in a system for employees to clock in and out every day to keep everyone’s schedule in check.

Follow Office Rules and Regulations

Being in an office set-up means there are rules and regulations imposed to ensure that people with different personalities, who come to work together, can co-exist in harmony. If there is a non-smoking rule, comply with it. If there is a strict company dress code, then it must be followed by everyone. A formal office environment calls for a more professional ensemble. Gone are the days where you can go to work in casual pajama bottoms because your office is your home. Abide by the company policies to make sure that you do not infringe on anyone’s rights, making it possible for business to operate smoothly.

Improve Social Dynamics with Your Co-workers

Being in a more serious office atmosphere means you’re going to have deal with your co-workers on a more regular basis and with more hours spent together. In order to have great dynamics with your co-employees, you have to be mindful and considerate of your actions. You cannot just do what you want on a whim because your actions can adversely affect your co-workers, resulting in productivity issues that may cause delays. It would be easier to work with co-workers if you are friendly with each other.

Prepare the Office Environment

You need to prepare the actual office venue to accommodate your team. Make sure that it contains all the necessary equipment and tools that keep your daily operations running efficiently. Something as simple as forgetting the printer can have detrimental consequences. Double check that all service providers—from utilities, the internet, down to the phone lines—are all up and running. Even something as simple as a burner service to keep the office warm in the winter will make a positive difference in your office environment.

Keeping all of these details in your mind as you plan the big move will make your home to office transition much smoother. It is important to stay organized, so you don’t waste precious time and effort. Failure to stay on top of things can result to a loss in profits if you are unable to operate immediately from your new location.


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