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The 3 Best Ways To Select A WordPress Theme

Ricky Brown

August 14, 2019

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When those who are looking to utilize WordPress meet with the top app development companies and developers, the selection of a theme is one of the primary topics of conversation. The top app development companies and developers will have the necessary experience in this regard. They can provide their clients with the background needed and keep them from making impetuous decision.


Some clients are unaware of their ability to play a more proactive role in creating their own theme. There are numerous options available. Potential WordPress users that find themselves in search of the best themes would do well to read on and learn more. Selecting a WordPress theme has never been easier, thanks to this helpful guide.


Modification of Existing Themes


This is typically considered to be the easiest option, according to the top app development companies and WordPress web developers. In many cases, the client will simply need to make some minor changes, as opposed to a massive overhaul. Changing the layout, color schemes and font sizes is simple enough. By creating a child theme, the site runner is able to modify the bits and pieces that they are looking to change with relative ease.


Let's say that the parent theme is going to be updated when the site runner updates WordPress. By taking the time to modify these themes as needed, it is easier to make sure that all of the changes are not being wiped away. In order to create the necessary child theme, head to the folder that is labeled /themes/. Once this step is taken care of, it is time to make sure that the proper files are present.


For starters, functions.php and style.css files are mandatory. Code must be added to the files to create the theme needed and this is a perfect time to consult with the top app development companies and web developers. Once all of the necessary steps have been taken, the site runner can head to their admin panel. Click Appearance > Themes and the child theme that has been created will be activated.


Adaptation of Existing Themes


Adaptation and modification are two completely different principles. Be forewarned: this step will involve more digging into code than the previous one. Allow the top app development companies and WordPress web developers to assist. They have the experience necessary to guide all of their clients through this process and help them align themselves with the theme that works best for their needs.


Some may need to delete all of the current styles. From there, it becomes much easier to make a new one. Others could decide to delete certain theme elements. By taking the time to remove elements that are unneeded and adding others, the theme is adapted to the client's specific tastes. After all, WordPress sites and apps must remain consistent with the company's current aesthetics to the fullest possible extent.


Otherwise, the browser is confused and more apt to use a different site or app instead. Ask the developers who are assisting with this process about the importance of altering HTML structures. There are various files that need to be opened in order to complete this step of the process. Some may even decide that there are certain features that can be deleted from the theme that they are copying.

Finding the elements that need to be moved or deleted is not always easy. Take the time to search thoroughly, as this will save a great deal of time and effort at a later date. Digging into the files is the best way to get familiar with a WordPress theme. Now, let's move onto the last option on this list.


Constructing New Themes From Scratch


This is by far the most daunting option on the list. Those who are looking to create an entire theme from scratch must be sure that they have the proper resources on hand. The top app development companies and web developers will need to be on hand. They will make sure that their clients are avoiding the obvious mistakes. Best of all, it is actually simpler than it may sound.


Two files will be required: index.php and style.css. This allows the creator to get started with some fairly basic themes. Those looking for something a bit more complex should take the time to add a functions.php file. This creates more possibilities when it comes to custom functions. Folders are created within the theme directories, in addition to the primary style sheet.


Once the necessary steps have been taken, the new theme is going to be available on the Admin panel. It will be located in the Themes section. Custom layouts and styles are not always available at this time. The creation of a basic theme is not going to be a tough task but anything more complicated typically requires professional assistance, so be sure to bear this in mind before proceeding.


The selection of a WordPress theme is going to play a major role in its level of success. Take the time to meet with the top app development companies and developers. They are an instrumental resource when it comes time to choose a theme and decide on the proper methods for implementation. What may work well for one client will not help another. WordPress is no place for one size fits all strategies. There are no shortcuts to be taken and there is no substitute for the necessary research.


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