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Automotive Industry Continues Using Internet to Make Inroads

Dave Thomas

October 21, 2019

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There are various brands using the Internet to promote themselves and all they have to offer.

That said the automotive industry is one such brand that can and does use the web to gain more customers.

So, if you are an automotive maker or dealership, how can you go about putting the Internet to work for you?

Use Your Website and Social Media for Starters

When it comes to the big and well-known automakers, many do not have trouble with name recognition.

Most consumers have heard of the likes of Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and others. That said many such companies can skate by on name recognition alone. To their credit, many well-known vehicle brands work hard when on online promotions.

From keeping websites updated to using social media, there is never an excuse not to be online.

So, what about those businesses like smaller auto dealerships? How can they go about reaching out to consumers?

Remember, consumers have a wide array of choices when it comes to the automobile market. As a result, brands must compete for consumer dollars.

For those auto dealers looking to market their brands to be a winner, they should focus on the following:

· Website – A dealer’s website is key. That said they should make sure it is both informative and updated on a regular basis. When you are a small auto dealer, spreading the word about your brand takes on more importance.

· Social media – As more auto dealers get involved with social media, it is important to use it and not only be there. Only being active on social media but not using it all that often really does no one good at the end of the day. So, be sure you are getting the word about your brand noticed. Instagram is a good site when you are heavy on images. Facebook is a good site to connect with both young and older drivers. Twitter can be good for contact with drivers looking to buy. It can also prove valuable in running links to relevant stories in the industry.

· Testimonials – As part of your online efforts, videos can do wonders for you. One specific area here would be shooting some customer testimonials. When consumers see others happy with autos they bought, it can lead them to consider a specific brand.

As you spend more time online, you learn how important the Internet is to your auto business.

Consumers Going Online

As important as the web is to smaller companies in the auto industry, consumers are no dummies either.

Many of them realize how much the Internet can help them when shopping for their next vehicle.

Whether looking for a new auto or they decide a used vehicle is a smart choice, many will go online to see what is there.

Word-of-mouth and previous vehicle-buying experiences are important. That said the Internet has driven many consumers to focus on the web first.

So, as auto dealers and consumers meet on the info highway, the Internet continues to be in the driver’s seat.


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