5 Old School Ways to Advertise Your Brand That Still Work

January 02, 2020

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The Internet has transformed the ways that businesses advertise their products and services. But that doesn't mean that people have given up on techniques that have worked for decades. Here are five old school methods that still work at advertising your brand.


1. Direct Mail

When the Internet didn't exist, there were door-to-door salespeople, telemarketers and direct mailers who sent hoards of mail to people's homes. Once the Internet increased in popularity, the need for junk mail decreased. That doesn't mean that this advertising method has died out completely.


One reason why direct mail has declined in popularity is its toll on the environment. Mailing printed advertisements is not an environmentally-friendly option for advertising. Mostly, they are reproduced before they are completely finished, therefore they are harmful to the environment.


As long as a company can make meaningful messages and has a genuine need to send direct mail, they can receive significant returns on their investment.


2. Newsletters and Magazines

People still get magazines and catalogs, even though electronic versions are available. Older people prefer to receive paperback magazines and newsletters as a way of keeping in touch with their past. Millions of people of all ages enjoy reading magazines in print rather than online.


3. Banners

Banners are found in stores, schools and outdoor venues. These flags are used to advertise special events and attractions from billboard-sized flags on top of skyscrapers to retractable banners. According to Print Leaf, a company that specializes in creating retractable banners in NYC, using banners are still effective because they come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs. There are banners made with simple designs and those made with custom specifications.


4. Press Releases

Press releases are brief announcements that are used to promote upcoming events. Media outlets are still interested in acquiring and distributing press releases. For advertisers, these statements are very easy to write and inexpensive to create.


5. Pamphlets

A pamphlet is a small, unbound book consisting of one or several sheets of paper folded together. A pamphlet contains slightly more details than a press release. It contains a brief outline of the information that is then distributed to a mass audience. Pamphlets are passed around at significant public events like political speeches, rallies, fundraisers, etc.


No advertising tool, whether it's traditional or modern, is more effective than the other. And modern techniques are not guaranteed to be more effective than old-fashioned ones. It's important to consider the value of using older methods. Review the many different ways that are recommended to promote your brand.


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