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4 Ways Your Commercial Property's Design Impacts Profits

Katie Gorden

January 06, 2020

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The look and design of any commercial space do have an impact on its ability to earn profits. Today’s customers are quite discriminating and will make judgments about these spaces based upon their appearance. This is one of the reasons that building owners look to choose appealing designs. According to the American Institute of Architects or AIA, hiring experts for these projects ensures that you get the commercial building that you want and need to continually increase your profits.


The University of Michigan’s Center for Sustainable Systems reports that by the year 2050, there will be 126.1B square feet of commercial building floor space in this country. This shows the expected continued growth for the design of these diverse structures. Therefore, according to Vadim Podrobinok, a licensed architect in California, understanding the project in regards to space, time, and cost are all crucial to developing a successful project. With that said, having a successful design for your commercial property can have an impact on your profits. Here are four ways your commercial property’s design impacts profits:


1 – Establishes Branding

It doesn’t matter whether your business sales products or services. Your commercial design must be used to establish your brand in a positive way. The design of these buildings needs to harmonize with the brand and serve as an extension of it.


2 – Shows Innovation

 Modern designs tend to stand out in the midst of dated buildings and structures. Architects are skilled when it comes to innovating building designs to meet client needs. The size of the building doesn’t matter as it relates to having contemporary features that attract business.


3 – Markets Services

 Your commercial property design will serve dual purposes. Along with being a place of business operations, this is also where you market to potential customers. Signage options on or adjacent to these designs are instrumental in attracting clients and shoppers.


4 – Promotes Hospitality

Property designs should promote overall hospitality that results in increased profits. These designs sometimes include attached parking decks. It is important to make these buildings attractive places that are inviting, as well.


It is true that the designs chosen for commercial properties have an impact on the amount of profits businesses bring in. Matworks reports that consumer reporting shows that 95% of shoppers determine where they will shop based upon a building’s exterior. This means that having a professional commercial design is a benefit to current business operations and those in the future. Architects take client objectives into consideration in the design process to come up with buildings that enhance business and profits.


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