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How to Create an Effective Branding Strategy for Your Business

Katie Gorden

January 09, 2020

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Building a brand for your business is increasingly important as social media becomes a larger presence in the lives of consumers. Your business' customers will look to social media and other online resources to learn more about your company, making it vital to develop a strong and positive brand image. These suggestions can help you start to build your brand.

Promote Brand Ambassadors

Among your customers, you'll find a few that are more outspoken about your business than most of your consumers. These individuals will leave testimonials about their experiences with your products, or they may publicly recommend your business to their own followers.

You want to encourage this type of activity, so promote these individuals as much as possible. By interacting with them and sharing, retweeting, or quoting them, you'll encourage them to continue promoting your business.

Make Emotional Connections

It's easy to say that your product affects lives in some way, but showing it gives you an opportunity to create emotional connections to your products.

If you manufacture dog treats, ask your customers to submit videos of their dogs enjoying your treats. If you're a cosmetics company, ask consumers to create video essays about how your make-up products helped them feel better about themselves.

When you share this type of unique content on your social media pages, you'll be encouraging others to interact with your brand. Additionally, your customers will be creating free advertising that will promote your brand image.

Talk Their Language

This is a two-step strategy, but mastering it means connecting with consumers on a deeper level. First, you will have to know your target demographic and this requires research into who is buying your products. Try to get as specific as possible, because that will help you know where to target your marketing efforts. You can get a personal branding consultant to help you isolate your target demographic, or you can use software to do it yourself.

The second step to this is understanding what problems or issues your key demographic is facing. For instance, if you know you product appeals to middle-aged women with mounting debt, acknowledging that in your ads will grab their attention. If your product can be used to save money, or to improve finances, emphasize that in your marketing efforts.

These are just a few ideas that can help you create a brand for your business. You may be able to develop other strategies yourself by letting your sense of creativity flourish. Anything you can do to bring positive attention to your products or services will work in building an overall brand image.


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