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Going Green? How to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Katie Gorden

February 04, 2020

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Efficiency equals profit. Efficiency also goes hand-in-hand with green technology. If you're a business owner and you want to save your company money, then going green is the route to take. Here are a few methods on how to make your business more energy efficient.

1. Solar Panels

One of the best ways to bring green energy into your business is through solar panels. With many corporations making the switch to solar, it's understandable why. Solar technology is continuously being innovated. It's more efficient and it costs less to be made as well as installed.


That makes it easier for businesses to enter into installment plans with solar companies. They can afford the plans and experience great savings by producing the energy they need to run their business themselves. A few repair costs here and there are nothing compared to the monthly cost of an electric bill.

2. Better Insulation

There are simpler methods for helping your energy become more efficient, too. One simple solution is to ensure that the insulation in your business is up to par. For those who work with kilns, for example, you may want to consider a kiln coating that provides better insulation. With a more efficient coating that keeps the heat inside of the kiln, professionals will save more energy in having to drive up the heat. It's preserved instead.


Insulation could also be used in office buildings. While it may cost some money to rip down walls in order to inspect the insulation, you'll save money in the long-run. By properly insulating the walls, floors, and the attic, your business will do better in preserving heat and cold air during the winter and summer months.

3. Remote Work

One way that many business owners are slowly looking into to save energy is by allowing their workers to work at home. Except for industrial workers, most work done in an office can actually be performed at home. With high-speed internet reaching most rural areas, workers are able to log on at home and complete their work in the comfort of their own living room.


This helps businesses because it means they have fewer computers and other electronics turned on at the office. Electronics eat up a lot of energy. Even if you have energy-efficient towers, monitors, and other electronics, having a large number of them on at the same time is going to increase your energy costs.


By working at home, workers use their own electricity to power their stations. You can still have weekly meetings, so everyone can catch touch-base, but otherwise, you can save on energy by sending everyone home.

4. Keep Server Room and Data Centers Cool

For those who have a server room or data center, then you know how costly it can be to keep those running. They also generate a lot of heat. When they become too hot, they can start to malfunction. This might result in a crash of worker productivity when their computers or the internet no longer work.


A way to make your business more energy efficient is to keep those areas cool. Whether it's through including fans or providing plenty of ventilation, keeping the area cool will help drive down the cost of energy.


Another way to help decrease the heat--and thus decrease the amount of cooling that is used in the room--is to decrease the number of units in that room. You may need to invest in more powerful servers or data tanks to accomplish this.


An additional option is to have someone else house the server room or data center. By off-shoring the heat expenditures, you can pay a little bit of money to rent that space rather than have it drive up your energy costs.

5. Engage Sleep Mode

Few workers actually put their computers into sleep mode when they leave work. Their computers may hibernate, but it isn't the same thing as actively going into sleep mode. This mode is important because it reduces how much energy the computer is actually using.

You can install a setting onto every computer that automatically puts it into sleep mode whenever the employee signs out of the computer for the night.

Go Green

It's possible for every business owner to become energy efficient. Try these methods for yourself.


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