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5 Ways to Revamp a Boring Office

Tarah Mills

March 04, 2020

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As any good business owner knows, the productivity of your employees is the key to growing in your market. When your employees are happy and fulfilled each day, their productivity level is high. When they're stuck in a boring office that doesn't intrigue their senses, their productivity is low. Here are five different ways you can revamp your office to boost productivity for your business.

Add In Natural Lighting

If you've noticed that your office just seems extremely boring compared to others but you can't put your finger on just why you should take a look at the lights. Your eyes will notice the difference right away while it may take your mind some time to realize how this natural light is integrated into other offices. Natural light has many benefits for office workers.


Since most workers spend their days indoors, they don't get to soak up natural sunlight. Therefore, installing natural lighting in your office can allow them to get the health benefits that natural lighting provides without cutting the workday short. Some benefits of natural light include enhanced sleeping patterns, improved productivity and overall healthier workers. When your workers feel good and well-rested, they produce more revenue for your business. If you don't have any window space you can utilize, there are tons of other natural lighting options out there to choose from.

Create Break-Out Spaces

Apart from your basic office environment of meeting rooms, reception, and cubicles, you should be installing break-out spaces. These can be small rooms or areas of open space where employees can go for a casual meeting or to just change up the scenery. It's best to consider adding comfortable furniture, end tables, and a type of divider to separate the break-out room from the rest of the office. Consider the needs of your employees to take a relaxer throughout their days when designing your break-out rooms.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Fostering creativity and boosting productivity starts with the furniture that you have in your office. When you have trendsetting, ergonomically-friend, and technology adaptable commercial office furniture, employees are going to be more comfortable while at work. With a modern look, they'll feel invigorated which will boost their creativity levels.


There are many different furniture options that can be customized depending on the requirements of your staff. If a lot of your staff spends most of the day on the phone, then you need to be considering purchasing office furniture that is acoustically-friendly. This can help to dampen the noise from one person's space to the next. If your staff brings their tablet or laptop to meetings, then having furniture that has chargers or plugs is a must to keep your staff busy.

Change The Smell

This one may have you wondering but stick with us. The smell of a place can affect a person's mood and concentration on their work. By simply introducing a pleasant scent into your boring office, you can invigorate workers to perform at their best.


In fact, a study was performed in Japan to see how different smells affected the work of their typists. The study showed that 54 percent of the typists made fewer errors in their work when the scent of lemon was introduced into the office environment. In addition, jasmine showed 33 percent while lavender showed 20 percent fewer errors.

Plant Some Greenery

Apart from just adding some more fresh air to your indoor office environment, greenery provides many other benefits for your employees. First, it gives them something to look at other than a simple bland-colored wall. This makes your office appear more intriguing than a typical office environment.


Multiple studies have been produced on the effects of greenery in the office. It has been proven to reduce employee stress, hostility, and sick days used. It's also been shown to increase productivity, memory retention, and overall employee fulfillment at the office. A good rule of thumb is to add at least one plant for every square meter of your office environment.


Revamping your boring office doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Rather, there are just simple, subtle changes that you can make to completely transform the look and feel of your office environment. We encourage you to test out some of the changes above and continue to add to them in the future.


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