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7 Reasons Customer Service Never Goes Out of Style

Elizabeth Howard

January 19, 2021

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Good customer service empowers your customers throughout their purchasing experience. From the easy navigation of your website to the moment they receive your product or service, the experience needs to be smooth. According to Warren Buffet, it takes 20 years to build a good reputation for a business and five minutes to ruin it. In the digital age, it may take less than five minutes. Here are seven reasons why good customer service will never go out of style.

1. Good Comments and Testimonials

Since most people shop online these days, good comments and testimonials on your website are essential. One bad comment from an unhappy customer can send thousands of customers to click away from your website.

2. On Hold Message

Many people hate being put on hold, but sometimes it’s inevitable. In the past, customers listen to some soothing music while waiting. Today, you can use your on-hold time to build brand loyalty by learning what works with today’s callers. For example, you can schedule different on-hold message scripts throughout the month to promote a product or service or create awareness for other products or services you offer. Good customer service may vary from industry to industry. Professionals can help you choose the most effective type of customer service for your business.

3. Increase Customer Retention

When customers get their issues or questions answered relatively quickly, they are more satisfied and are more likely to become return customers. Customer service is the point at which you have direct communication with your customers. You can listen to their complaints and concerns and solve their problems on the spot. This is extremely valuable for customer satisfaction, which leads to customer retention.

4. Add Value to Your Business

Your business will increase its credibility with good reviews on social media. The more people who like you, the more other people will take notice. With the abundance of social media sites today, you will have very wide exposure. You can expect a five-star rating on Yelp, a positive Facebook tagging, or even a full-blown positive blog post.

This is a good advertisement you can’t buy. A bonus is employee morale. With good reviews, your employees will be proud to work for you and in turn, will provide even better interaction with customers.

5. Brand Image

 A positive brand image is essential for success. You most likely have hundreds of competitors that are just a click away, so a positive brand image has a good chance of keeping people on your page. If the brand is considered good, customers will spend time on your site looking for what they want. It’s not only good for possible sales, it also sends a good message to any advertisers you have or B2B relationships.

6. Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

It costs money to make money, and you have to spend on advertising and marketing to increase brand awareness. Good customer service can actually cut acquisition costs by providing naturally-generated advertising. Happy customers are your best tool for getting your brand out there, and it’s free.

7. Happy Customers Pay More

 According to marketing research, 50 percent of customers who have a good customer service experience spend up to 25 percent more to interact with a brand that treats them well. Just one experience of good or bad customer relations can make all the difference. Once they click away from your site to a competitor, you may never see them again.


Any new business wants to succeed and the same is true for long-standing businesses that want to maintain their profits. Business owners who care about the experience each customer has when relating to their business are the ultimate winners.


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