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How to leverage your time and close more deals

Biba Pedron

May 08, 2007

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Whatever your business or expertise is, you generally have to repeat the same things over and over to explain your business to new prospects. So why don’t you create a product to give to your prospects so they can learn more about you and your business, while you have more time to close deals.

You go to networking events, and you meet numbers of new people every month. You schedule coffees or meetings with each and every one, and you spend most of your time doing the same presentation. I agree that the one-on-one contact is important, but do you really need to meet everybody? Can you evaluate your new prospects before you meet them, so that you only meet those who are really interested in your services, and you will get more chances to close the deal? You have only few hours a day, so why don’t you leverage your time?

Here are 3 simple ideas to leverage your time and close more deals.

1- Organize a teleseminar
to present your business and expertise to your prospects. Speak with 10, 20, or 60 people at the same time, instead of doing it one at a time.

Introduce your business:

What you do.
How you do it.
What problems you solve.
What solutions you provide.
What are the benefits of working with you.
Then answer each and every question that is asked.

With the technology available today, it is very easy and free to organize a teleseminar.

You could record the teleseminar to create a CD or an audio program to use as a giveaway to attract potential new clients, at tradeshows, or to organizations that you are targeting but never get the chance to reach directly. According to the information you provide about your business, you could sell the CD and create a product from the teleseminar.

You can do it once and use the same content or CD with everybody, or you can do it monthly and showcase your expertise to more people.

2- Turn your teleseminar into an e-book
You could even go a step further. Your teleseminar is ready, so turn it into an e-book. Hire somebody to do the transcript and offer the e-book as a giveaway or sell it on your website, as with the teleseminar. Use your e-book as a marketing tool.

3- Turn your e-book as a series of articles
You work hard to prepare your presentation, so why don’t you use your e-book to do a series of articles that you can send to newspapers or magazines or post online at articles-directory. There is no need to rewrite the same thing over and over.

Remember the goal here is to leverage your time, so do the work once and use your content to develop various materials, tools and strategies. Using those marketing strategies will not only help you leverage your time, attract more clients and close more deals, but it will also position yourself as an expert in your field. So differentiate yourself from your competitors, and show people why they should buy from you and not someone else.

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