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What Are The Best Affiliate Networks To Work With?

Oliver Brown

October 01, 2012

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While affiliate marketing is not that easy way to make money online as many think, it’s not a rocket science either. The cornerstone of any successful affiliate marketing is picking the right affiliate programs to promote.

By choosing any of the biggest affiliate networks out there, you put yourself in direct competition with the so-called “gurus” affiliate marketers who have a huge list of 100K+ subscribers and a budget to offer bonuses for any given product launch.

If you ask yourself how you are supposed to compete with them, the answer is simple – you don’t. You just need to find the best affiliate program that pays the most, offer quality products and good conversion rate, and is not mainstream. B.M.P.

This high-paying network is quickly becoming the platform of choice for every affiliate who is looking to convert their download media traffic into real cash. Their commission percentages are great: $2 per trial, $30 per sale and $40 per sale if you do more than 50 sales a day. Besides, you will get up to $200 per 1000 hits.

The number one factor of an affiliate success is the merchant’s conversion rate. How well does the traffic sent to the affiliate program sales page, convert into buyers? One of the main advantages of B.M.P. affiliate program is the great conversion rate for websites dealing with multimedia content like Ringtones, MP3, Video, Torrents, PDF, eBook, Games, Applications, and File Search engines.

Not easy to find, but definitely it is worth looking for affiliate programs that offer to pay you 2nd tier commissions for each of your referred customers. It’s almost like creating an affiliate network of your own and getting paid for the work your “affiliates” do. And again, BestMediaPartner is running 2-tier referral program paying 15% of your referral income which is making this program a really good choice for you.

Media Klondike

Media Klondike is an affiliate program which pays a commission for every order you direct to their landing pages. They offer software for search and download of media files.

The commissions are not very high. You will receive $20 per sale. The average affiliate earns $50 from 1k hits. Payouts are made bi-monthly on the 5th and 20th with two weeks hold. Though in order to receive a payment, you will need to reach a minimum threshold of $100. On the good side, there are various payment options such as WebMoney (no fee), PayPal (2% fee) and Wire Transfer ($500 min, no fee).

DigitalRiver: OneNetworkDirect

OneNetworkDirect’s main focus is on technology related products. Microsoft, McAfee, Avast, nVidia are some of the featured programs available on Digital River. Downside is that the commissions are not so great in comparison to other programs, but on the other hand, you can take advantages of their good marketing material. Besides, they have a lead generation program. The payment from OneDirectNetwork can be received via PayPal.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is basically a marketplace with thousands of different companies who have their own affiliate programs. It is easy to get involved but once you become a member of Commission Junction, you will have to apply to each individual affiliate program that you're interested in.

While there is a huge selection to choose from, it is not an easy task to find a product that matches your website’s audience and at the same time offers good conversions and commissions. One of the significant setbacks for you is that the best programs are harder to get into. Associates

The program is great for newcomers because it's not difficult to get started with it. An additional bonus is that when you promote a product coming from Amazon, you have that great brand name recognition to stand behind you, which makes it easier to sell a product.

The downside of the Amazon program is that their tracking cookies only last for 24 hours. That’s horrible, isn’t it? This means that you will miss the chance of making money every time when someone clicks through from your site and doesn’t make a purchase in the next 24 hours.


There is a lot to say about ClickBank. Simply put, it is the biggest and probably the most popular marketplace for “finding” just about any type of digital products you can think of. While there are a vast amount of products to choose from, you will have to carefully research your product before starting to promote it. There are many “stuff” in there that are not worth a dime and will most likely only put off your users. Good choice for affiliate marketers in general though.


It always pays to do your homework and carefully choose what products to promote. Some vendors are great, others - you should just avoid and there are thousands in between those two poles. If you are smart, you will pick the best affiliate marketing program relevant to your interest and audience and you will be well on you road to success.


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