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Why auto insurance companies are turning to social media to promote car insurance

Sarah Brooks

February 28, 2013

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In a world where everyone is “plugged in” at all hours of the day (and night), it’s no wonder businesses are using multiple forms of social media to promote, market and sell their product.

In fact, it’s almost a necessity for businesses to be using social media and forming a positive online reputation. Without it, a business will have a tough time competing and succeeding in today’s internet-focused world.

When thinking of social media, most think about socializing with friends, scoring coupons at a favorite restaurant and getting the latest scoop on one’s favorite sports’ team. So, why are auto insurance companies turning to social media? Simply put, car insurance is something all who want to be on the road must have and unfortunately, pay for (even good drivers).

When most people find out they can save more money on this necessary expense, they’re more than willing to switch companies. What better way for auto insurance companies to let others know about their rates than by utilizing social media?

The best forms of social media

For any company, including auto insurance companies, Facebook and Twitter will want to be your two main forms of social media.

Facebook has over 1 billion active users – that’s a market of 1 billion people you could be reaching out to via your computer. Twitter comes in at about half that at 500 million active users. Since both are free, there’s no reason not to create Facebook and Twitter pages for your auto insurance company.

Another, more unique, way to use social media is by creating a blog on your company’s website.

You can discuss any new products the company’s getting, company goals, where you’re headed this year and provide cost comparisons and product reviews. When buying a product, most consumers read (and believe) online reviews, so consider creating a separate blog entry discussing all your products and allowing customers to leave reviews.

With positive reviews and a positive reputation, you’ll be sure to gain more customers.

How often should you update?

Now that we know which forms of social media car insurance companies should be using, it’s time to figure out how often these should be updated.

In short – every other day, minimum. If a business doesn’t update for more than a week, it’s assumed they aren’t that concerned with customer service. Remember that simple updates are OK – don’t think you need breaking news updates multiple times per week.

A simple sharing of a related trending article will do just fine – it keeps customers in the know and your company at the forefront of their minds.

The pros of using social media to sell car insurance

The biggest reason auto insurance companies should use social media is, of course, to sell their product and gain customers.

This is done by offering deals in real-time (versus making phone calls or sending out emails that will most likely be deleted) and maintaining a positive online image. By doing these two simple things, you will be viewed as a trusted auto insurance company who’s looking out for their consumers.

Let’s also not forget the quick ability to respond to negative feedback, too.

If negative things are being said about your car insurance rates or customer service skills, you’ll be the last to know if you’re not online. Provide true information and respond to any negative feedback immediately.

By being a frontrunner of social media, you’ll always be in-the-know.

Gain customers and maintain a positive online image by simply utilizing social media.


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