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5 Reasons You Need To Add Sales Employee's To Your Small Business

Casey Haslem

August 14, 2013

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If you own a small business, chances are you spend a good amount of time advertising. What you might not have considered is that hiring a sales team is the best advertising investment available. Hiring sales employees for your small business is essential for growth. Below are five main reasons that you need to add sales employees to your business and develop a quality sales team.

Marketing Professionals Are Trained to Succeed

Marketing professionals are trained in one thing - selling - and doing so successfully. While this may seem obvious, the implications for your business might be more subtle. Sales representatives are trained in selling, obtaining new clients, and maintaining relationships with current ones. If you have even one salesperson doing this on a full-time basis, your company can't help but benefit.

Hiring a Sales Team Expands Your Prospect Network

It's just a fact - there is no way that one person can cover all of the prospects that exist for your business in your area alone, let alone nationally if you do business outside of your local area, as well. By adding a sales team to your company, you are devoting resources to cultivating business you alone could never touch. This casts a much wider net and can help you expand your business territory and pool of potential clients.

There Are Prospective Employees Available

With thousands of representatives seeking sales jobs at and other sites on a daily basis, it is obvious that there are many eager employees waiting to help improve your bottom line. By employing them, you are not only helping the economy but you are growing your business in the process.

Hiring Account Executives Expands Your Network

Sales professionals usually keep a wide social network and are always selling. Many times, sales interview advice suggests keeping such a network so the job seeker can relate it to the prospective employer, as this network is often quite helpful for lead generation. You never know who a representative of yours might speak to that can generate business for your company, simply through a conversation with his or her social network.

Sales Professionals Are Highly Motivated

Sales professionals, even if they earn a base salary, live for commission. They earn commission by earning business for you, so they are very motivated to do well, because if your business does well, so do their bank accounts.


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