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5 Things You Need To Do Daily To Get Noticed By Your Boss

Annabelle Smyth

August 19, 2013

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In a massive, bustling office, it can be difficult to get noticed by the boss. Doing so can make the difference between a better paying position, or losing out on a handsome raise. You can use some simple tips to radiate the skill and confidence needed to impress your boss.

# 5 Dress Professionally

Managers are proud of hardworking, well-groomed employees because they form a positive image of the enterprise. Women should select conservative attire, don a neatly coiffed hairstyle, and wear minimal makeup. A polished gentleman wearing a suit and tie who has mastered The Art of Shaving will appear smoother and more professional than ordinary workers.

It is crucial to avoid wearing anything to the workplace that could be deemed inappropriate. If you have tattoos, be sure to cover them completely for a refined appearance.

# 4 Work Well With Coworkers

There is nothing that a boss enjoys more than a model employee who works well with others. Individuals who can lead others and take direction equally are versatile and valuable. Employees that get into squabbles with their coworkers in nearby cubicles will only get noticed for the wrong reasons. Refrain from gossiping and arguing with coworkers. Pursue harmonious relationships with your fellow employees, and aim for the high road to limit disagreements.

# 3 Help Your Boss Shine

Without a doubt, a fabulous employee who makes his or her boss look better is highly appreciated and is a prime candidate for better positions. Offer your assistance and expertise for any projects that require special attention and skill. Remember to give a little credit to your boss in your successes to remain humble and avoid upstaging your boss in the process.

#2 Take Initiatives

An employee that knows what to do each day to accomplish company goals is an asset. Take the initiative to take care of tasks before you are asked, and try to stay a step ahead in your work. Be sure to exhibit a solid effort each time you engage in a task. Motivating yourself to stay positive is crucial for maintaining incredible initiative. If you have a clever idea that could save the company money, increase production, or supply another benefit, then consider sharing your thoughts with your boss to shine.

#1 Do Your Job Well

There is nothing more striking than doing a great job while you are on the clock. An employee who showcases enthusiasm and dedication in his or her position illuminates themselves in the process. Going above and beyond what is required of you is bound to raise your work reputation. Being a low-maintenance employee is also key to proving that you can handle problems that arise with appropriate solutions.

Learning new skills that improve your performance will make you a more effective worker. Consider obtaining a higher education to raise your knowledge and qualification level.

Always be cordial and polite to your boss, but avoid flattery and gregariousness to be perceived as a genuine, trustworthy employee. To shine among a multitude of employees, one must perform well, be a notable team player, and set an exceptional example. It is imperative to be consistent as a stellar employee on a daily basis, as it may take weeks, or even months to get the desired results. Use these tips to get noticed for your excellence and receive the promotion you desire more quickly.


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