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Four Creative Ways to Bring In Alternate Forms of Income

Hannah Whittenly

September 30, 2013

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There are many ways that people can earn money: getting a regular 9 to 5 job, working on commissions or simply doing odd jobs for other people. These ways are the traditional ways of generating income, but there are other ways to earn income that you can do on the side or you can do when a typical job is just not cutting it for you. The following are four creative and innovative ways to make extra money.

Freelance Writing

With the onslaught of newer technologies and increasing popularity of telecommuting, freelance writers are becoming more and more needed. It is very easy for almost anyone to get a job freelance writing by having decent grammar skills, the ability to pass simple tests and submit writing samples. This is a creative outlet and allows users to pick and choose what sort of writing work they do.

Use Your Skills

Are you a great tailor? Do you do unique crafts for fun? Are you a photographer? Turn these hobbies into profit by advertising and selling the goods that you create. There is a huge market for homemade goods and these are often very cheap to make. If you advertise the right way, you could begin instantly turning profits and having a very large customer base.

Advertise in Creative Ways

Sell the space on the outside of your car to a mobile marketing or advertising agency. This type of advertisement is becoming increasingly popular and it is important you cash in on this unique opportunity before everyone else. Remember, when using your car for advertising, the company will probably plaster their name and telephone number all around your car. You can also offer advertisements at your business or home for money or business trades.


Use amazingly powerful eBay management skills to buy, sell and buy again with this long time online money maker. It does take a little bit of initial investment and some hard work learning this bidding website, but you can begin turning profits on this site in the comfort of your own home. Make sure you get great reviews and always deliver your customers everything you have promised to keep your ratings up.

No matter what you're good at or interested in, it is important to take those and use them to bring profit if you want to make extra money. Many people could benefit from your skills and seeral freelance companies are always hiring.


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