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How to Hire the Right I.T. Person for Your Small Business

Sarah Brooks

September 30, 2013

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Having a tech-savvy person working for your small business greatly ensures all your computer systems will run properly and your website will be designed uniquely. I.T. takes years to learn and even longer to master.
If you’re looking to hire an I.T. person for your business, there are certain qualifications this individual must possess.

Jobs in I.T.
•    Computer programmers;
•    System developers;
•    Network engineers;
•    System designers;
•    Technical specialists;
•    Web developers.

Qualifications needed
Most individuals who are successful with a career in I.T. are problem-solvers, analytical and love mathematics.
You’ll want your candidate to carry a four-year degree in computer programming, computer science, computer engineering or mathematics.
The candidate should also have some sort of experience, whether an internship during college or a few years of I.T. work under their belt.

Personality traits
First and foremost, the right candidate for your small business will get along with you.
You need someone you can talk to openly and someone whose personality meshes well with yours. After all, you’re going to be working with them day in and day out. I.T. candidates also need to be very focused and driven.
They’re usually very structured and organized and love working on and completing projects. You’ll also want someone who is a team player and is able to teach other employees. This is particularly important if you ever plan on growing your company or expanding your I.T. department.
Keep in mind that an I.T. job is a desk job.
Make sure your candidate is comfortable with sitting for long periods of time and focusing on the task at hand.

Where to find the right candidate

There are multiple ways to go about finding the right I.T. candidate for your small business.
Job boards such as, and allow you to post ads for a small fee.
You can also utilize free sites such as to seek qualified candidates. Surprisingly, a good portion of job-seekers do turn to when looking for a job.
Other ways to find the right candidate are to ask your current employees for referrals. Some of the best employees come from a referral, so make sure to ask around.

Tip: Do not rush through this process and hire someone immediately. Allow yourself a few months to make sure you’ve found the right candidate before making a commitment.

How much should I pay them?
Average salary is around $45,000 per year, but of course this varies depending on where you live.
If you’re hiring a new grad, you can offer slightly less with the intent of giving them a raise in the near future. If you’re hiring someone with a good amount of experience, though, they are most likely going to expect more than $45,000 per year.

Technology and your small business
Technology is ever-changing and ever-growing. In order for you small business to compete with similar companies, it needs to stay in the loop technologically.
Having someone in place that understands and enjoys working with the latest and most current technology will do your company well in the long-run.


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