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Five Signs You Have Pests in Your Office

Casey Haslem

January 17, 2014

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Recently, something just has not seemed right down at the office. You've been coming home feeling a little bit itchy, and you could swear you saw something run across your desk the other day. What are five signs that pests might be coming into your workplace?

Frequent Sightings

If you see one mosquito fly through the room on a warm summer's day, you probably do not have to worry about a pest invasion just yet. However, when you have seen multiple critters at various different moments, it's time to look up elimination services online, such as those that can be found at Ask your coworkers if they have seen anything either.

Problems with Wood

Of course, different types of pests are going to cause different types of issues for your workplace. Termites in Long Beach present one particularly serious type of case. These bugs have the ability to destroy the foundations of the business. You might see them swarming around in a particular area, or you may notice that areas of wood look chewed in the building. This problem will continue to grow and could destroy your company if you do not call up the control company as soon as possible.

Itching, Scratching and Reacting

Not all types of pests, bugs and rodents both, cause reactions in people, but a lot of them do. For example, if fleas found their way into the office, people are going to be constantly scratching. You might notice that all of the workers always seem to be itching. Other individuals might start to have allergic reactions. When peoples' health is at stake, you must take care of the problem as soon as possible.


Although the droppings will be difficult, if not impossible to see, when very small creatures have taken over the workplace, you will notice them with larger problems. If you have an office pet, go through his or her fur. The presence of flea dirt, or flea droppings, will alert you to the fact that there is a problem.

Dead Bugs

When you see dead bugs frequently in the office, you might think that the problem is over and not pay it to much attention. However, this can just be a sign that you'll have a full-on infestation when the weather gets warmer. If dead bugs are popping up all over the office, they need to be coming from somewhere. This is yet another sign that nature has taken over the work place.

Some infestations are less serious than others, but they are all equally revolting for most. As a result, you want to call pest control services immediately to deal with this problem.


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