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Halina Rozum

October 03, 2007

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Think About It! How do the largest Companies in the world advertise on the Internet? Where on the Internet do they advertise? What techniques do they use?

Think about it - and don't get stuck on things like products or offers, it is not in focus at this point, we are talking about tactics and techniques on getting Traffic and how to buy Traffic.

You may hear over and over and over again to Test, Test, Test the ads BEFORE using them, so that you are dead certain that your offer converts before you go out and buy.

You have to do your research, and the most important thing is to optimize your offer - what is going to convert the most - and analyze, analyze.

What I believe is the The Big problem, is that 90% of the Internet Marketers do not have the stamina to do their ground work - And then I am talking about the carefully carved out step-by-step schedule, and follow that through, every day from step number one to step number ten, and not skipping one single step.

I believe 90% of all the Marketers do not do their ground work because It takes hard, very hard work and due diligence and real gut persistency to do all of the detailed so boring small and tedious jobs that real testing and analyzing demands from an individual.

This is also why most of the people on the Internet can fail to succeed, - they get bored, they loose their patience, they do not really want to do it, they want to do it if someone else does 99% of the work FOR them, but they do not want to do it themselves - as in they do not want to Think about How to do it.

All the information you will need for it to happen you can find on the Internet for free IF you want to find it and it doesn't cost you a thing - BUT you will never find anything that will do it FOR you - if you really don't have the PASSION for the mechanisms of the business field yourself. This means, that if you do not really LOVE what you are doing and really want to find every single bit there is to know about your field of work, your line of business.

You will NEVER make it. It does not matter how many programs you buy or how many ebooks you get and read, or how many opportunities you will get. If you do not Understand it, and do not Love what you are doing, and most important, if you do not give yourself space and time to take that action - you will never make it.

You will never make a million dollars if you do not really want to do it, and you will never make a million dollars if you are not taking action for it to happen. Sure you want to get rich, sure you want to succeed - but do you want to work smart to make it happen? Do you want to spend hours and hours researching all the natty gritty boring little details you will need BEFORE you actually can start? Do you have the patience?

Do you want to make a day-by-day plan, a step-by-step detailed schedule, and we are talking about a baby step plan for you to follow Exactly day by day, not leaving one single thing to chance? Because this is what it takes to succeed and is what these guys are talking about.

Work their model with baby steps, do your thorough research, and I mean thorough.

Do your optimization again and again and again, every day. Tiny tiny patient toddler steps. Test, test, test. Refine your ads. Think about it -

How do the largest Companies in the world advertise on the Internet?

Where on the Internet do they advertise?

What techniques do they use?

Maybe you want it fast. Perhaps you do not want to make the research. The testing. The refining. The optimization - It might be to boring, or it might be taking to much time (because you want it Now and you want it right away).

Before you get going think it through - let their information sink in - so much that you can see an image in your mind of how it is constructed, of how their system is built. If you want to do this, think it over so much until you actually start to dream about it when you sleep - and I am not talking about a dream of what you will get when you become rich, but think about it, let it sink in until you actually dream about the structure of your business in you sleep, so that you can see it in your mind.

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