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Advantages of Online Home Business Over On-Site Business

Jim Marvin

October 10, 2007

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There are definite differences between an online business and on-site (real-world) business, despite their similarities. This is due to the fact that the communities where they each grow are not the same, which suggests that, the nature, usefulness, and function relies primarily on the environment in which it was developed and constructed. Because of the differences in these communities, the businesses within each will have distinct advantages over businesses in the other communities.

Minimal overhead is one of the biggest advantages of an online home business. Land tax and expenses associated with electricity, heating, and other utilities necessary to maintain a physical location (such as a plant, store or factory) virtually do not exist when a business is located entirely in cyberspace. Only things like monthly hosting fees, business taxes, and electrical bills are to be expected, aside from merchandising and advertising expenses. Therefore, overhead is minimized and more funds are available for the business itself.

Another big advantage an online home business have over on-site business is the fact that they need much less operating space. An online store consists of multiple pages covering business mission, disclaimer, registration, order interactives, product presentations, and even forums for technical support where replies are posted for all to see, (in this way, other’s contributions add additional insight for the benefit of all). Because the entire business is online, shoppers need only get on their computers, do a search and enter certain keywords or a specific web address and conveniently do their shopping anytime, day or night without ever leaving home.

This brings up yet another advantage of online businesses: inquiries into services or product orders can be made instantly through the integration of interactive software. If queries are made, support can sometimes be almost instantaneous. Order receipts are sent immediately to personal email accounts and can be stored away. This makes the entire process quick convenient, and easy to accomplish.

Last, but not least, online businesses are accessible world wide, ensuring that business dealings can be carried out on a daily basis while on-site businesses are limited to local and regional areas. People in Europe and Asia, for instance, can shop the product line of a single American mother of three who is operating her venture from her small home somewhere in central U.S.A. With online businesses, the service and clientele possibilities are virtually endless.

The internet network is simultaneously a compact and sprawling environment where millions do business all day and night every day and night. Virtually any business will find ongoing expansion and growth here because of the sheer numbers of participants.


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