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I started out enemployed with very little prospects. Since I use the computer quite a bit, I turned my attention to earning some money to get some nice stuff. I do this Full time, and I exclusively use the affiliate site here. The reason is simple, I am lazy by nature and the folks there market and promote for me. So I am never alone. I now have an 85 acre farm, a triplex, invested in 5 lots of land by the river and a townhome in the city. I earn more than 20,000 a month, and I am a home income portal owner.
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The Fun of Growing and AMASSING a Fortune Online

Catherine Westmore III

November 23, 2007

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Anyone can go online and start growing their income online. It is very easy to do, but for most people their fears are simply too much to overcome. They expect they will not be able to do it, and after a few attempts, simply decide it's not for them and quit.

So, I am here to SHOUTING OUT to you - YOU CAN DO IT.

Follow my simple step by step guide, and in a very short time - you will start earning an income online. If you are smart, very, very smart - you will leverage this into amassing a Huge Fortune.

Therefore, let us be honest with YOU -

Growing your income from home is like playing an arcade game, Or learning anything new. At first you are going to make mistakes and have to start all over.

Then start all over again, and over again and over again. Each time you start over, your skills are growing and you are getting better and better. Do not allow yourself the luxury of frustration, simply shrug it off and start over.

If you have a family, invite them into the game. Challenge each other on something simple. Here is a personal example, challenge the whole family, and make it interesting.

The First one to use the computer and make a sale is the winner, and they will be showered with all the accolades of a winner from every corner of the home.

Give that person a huge hug, place their Name in a place of Honor. Now, it is possible to earn, its only a matter of HOW MUCH you want.

Important keep your earnings as fun money, no stress, no judgment. It is simply turning your home computer into an Automated Money Machine.

If it's only YOU, give yourself a big pat on the back,

… you done good, real good.

Now, go after the second sale, Forget about all the tough stuff. All you need is a money link to make big money. So, Fire Up your Browser and go find a money link. There are billions out there.

Everybody selling something have a money link. They call it 'AFFILIATES ', so grab a pen and make yourself a badge - AFFILIATE and make your computer area the Affiliate Playpen.

But the First Rule is - Have Fun at it, its not work, it's your Fun Time. What better way to earn a living than to have fun at it. So go ahead, feel the excitement of the challenge, and forget the mistakes. So, here is what you do. There are millions of GOLDMINES you can explore, I recommend something that is fun, will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment and amass a Fortune for you.

I personally use a money link that have many products, so there is a better chance to get a sale. Here is what you are doing with your money link.

You are bringing together a seller and a buyer, and the seller pays you a commission for doing this. Your Money Link is the Magic Link between buyer and seller.

So, look at a spot like - there's over 10,000 products in their marketplace or you can go to my favorite spot - my hangout,, where there are several products and the sale of any one product will give you a sale.

I personally use them to leverage my clickbank sales. Since I started using them, my income skyrocketed and I am having fun earning more than 10,000 a week. Not bad, no scientific stuff, just playing the buying and selling field.

Enough of that, back to you. Signup is free most of the time, and get your Affiliate Link. Now you have your Magic Link. Go to a place like and create a blog.

You really do not have to be a big time writer, just a place to jot down your public thoughts, your ideas and a place to drop your money link.

You can write about your job, your discoveries and your Magic Link. Publish your post. Now go to a community like, setup a profile, and let people know that you have a magic link.

Add your Magic Money link to your email signature. Surf around, Forums, classified ads, guest books and whenever you can find a spot to leave your magic money link, leave it there.

Everytime you leave your Magic Money Link somewhere, you are adding another layer towards getting your first sale. Bookmark every spot you left your Magic Money Link.

Everyday, join something and leave your Link. The best thing about the internet, is everywhere you leave your link, it tend to stay there forever.

Locate a search engine submitter to Search Engines, Directories. Submit your Magic Money Link there. Every step will get you closer and closer to your First Sale.

Look around, be ingenious to ferret out places to leave your Magic Money Link. Bookmark every spot you left your Magic Money Link. This will in time be your Road Map. This is your Bread Crumb trail.

Here is the trick, your Magic Money Link is your new virtual home. People can find you there. Got the idea, anyone looking for you will always find you there. Your Magic Money Link is your place of fun. Talk to friends, get them to suggest where else you can leave your Magic Money Link.

If you are adventurous, you can try Google Adwords to point people to where your Virtual Home is, the place you make money.

Day after day, as you continue to do this, you are really getting to know important money places on the internet, and you are getting somewhere close to your first sale.

After your First Sale, you have a map, a Real Map and the skills to repeat this process and more. You broke the Drought and you are on your way to amass a Fortune.

The rewards are stupendous; you get to live the life you choose.

As I say, the main benefit from earning at home is the satisfaction of transforming a hobby into a full time profession. It really is not the cash, or even the trappings of wealth… it's the freedom to live the life you choose, whatever that may be, …

You can then stop waking up in the cold at 7AM in the Morning, taking vacations whenever you choose, and having more time to play, relax and just plain spend time with friends and family.

Imagine a world of no daily commutes, no bosses, a world where you make more while you sleep than others make while they work.

Most of all, for me, amassing a fortune from the internet means looking after my friends and family, and not having to answer to anyone ever again.

The trips to South America and Europe are great, but the real enjoyment comes from one thing: freedom of choice.

You should think about what freedom means to you, and whether you are ever going to live the life you choose doing what you are currently doing.


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