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How to Stay Motivated and Not Quit Your Home-Based Business

Eric Fields

October 09, 2006

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Let's face it, there is no get rich overnight home based business. Whichever business you choose it's going to take persistence, determination, action and a plan to make it work.

First find out your desire. What is motivating you to start your home based business? Is it a better future for your kids? A better life for you? Money to take care of a sick parent? Whatever the reason is for starting your home based business, make sure you write it down. Read it out loud once before going to bed and once after waking up.

Next set a goal. Decide on what you want. Write it down. Set a date in which you want to achieve it. Read it when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Create a plan on how to achieve your goal. If the plan is not working, simple just try another plan. Keep on trying until you get the results you want.

Last but not least cut out all of the negative influences in your life. You may have doubts already and you don't need anyone to help feed on those doubts. Look some people are just bitter and really don't want you to succeed, stay away from them. They will kill your spirit and make you question yourself. You must look for people who push you to do better and want you to have the very best in life. You are who you hang around with.

There are many other things that you could do but this is a great place to start. Times are changing starting your own home based business is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. No longer can we rely on the big corporations, they only have their own interests at heart. Enron is an example. It is time to rely on ourselves to provide for our families.

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