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There’s a Reason It’s Called NET-Working: 3 Quick Tips for Using the Web to do More Than Just Connect

Lorana d price

August 02, 2007

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If your idea of networking on the Web is throwing up a profile at and checking in once a week, then you’re missing a golden opportunity that’s literally right under your mouse pad. As more and more companies streamline their operations by using the Internet, so should you. While the Web can be a great place to find resources for your job search, it can be an even better place to search for jobs.
The Internet was created to connect people. Why not use it for what it was intended for? Here are three quick tips for using the Net to NET-work:

1.      Be a lurker: Company websites are becoming increasingly sophisticated; so should your job search. By becoming familiar with your dream companies through their Internet portals, you can not only keep track of current jobs but begin to familiarize yourself with the corporate culture – all before your first interview.

2.      Blog your resume: Why post a resume when you can blog one? There a variety of free services out there or, for less than $50, the folks at can make you look like a professional blogger in no time. As their website notes, “Face it. You're going to get Googled. Hiring managers are more likely to type in your URL than your phone number, and you need to be ready with something professional to deliver. Take control of your personal search results by creating the authoritative resource on you.” I concur.

3.      Reconnect: Whether you’re a member of the Old Timer’s Club or still waiting for the ink to dry on your diploma, don’t let the ties that bind you to your Business School wither. Networking through your alma mater’s Internet resources can be a valuable tool in keeping abreast of who’s where – and how they can help you get there yourself. Yale’s School of Management, in particular, has a variety of networking resources on what they call CampusNet, including an Alumni Directory, Yale Career Network, and their own International SOM Recruiting Club.


                                        By Orrick Nepomuceno


            In my new book, The Hitchhiker in the Corner Office, I show employers how their websites can best serve candidates just like you. See what I’ve told them when you check out the book’s website at




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