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Wendy Suto is president of Search Circus, a Web site marketing firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. She keeps pace with the latest optimization, link building and article submission tactics. Before becoming an SEO consultant, Wendy was a computer instructor for a wide range of businesses, teaching software and security programs to children and adults alike. Businesses included Gateway Computers, Stautzenberger College and a Catholic school in Toledo, Ohio. As a certified SEO consultant, she will be starting SEO training classes this spring facilities in Cleveland, Ohio. [email protected]

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Add Corporate Blog Marketing to your SEO Toolkit

Add Corporate Blog Marketing to your SEO Toolkit

Wendy Suto

March 19, 2008

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You've spent money on your Web site marketing efforts, and you want to see a return as quickly as possible. Add corporate blog marketing to your SEO toolkit to turbo boost your online marketing efforts by extending your reach, gaining even more search engine visibility and attracting more qualified traffic to your site. In today's competitive market, it's one of the newest trends you can't afford to ignore.

For those who are still unfamiliar, a blog began as a personal online diary online. A blog is self-updatable, allowing for frequent content additions, often written in a conversational tone, links to other Web sites and blogs, and uses two-way interaction with readers via public comments.


Corporate blogging is then defined as another way to publish business-related content and gain more visibility for your company on the Web. By offering information and sharing knowledge, a company can quickly establish itself as a leading industry expert, get information to customers quickly and attract new customers looking for relevant information.

If done properly, corporate blog marketing can boost your search engine positioning. Writing regularly on your industry and incorporating SEO generates increased search engine visibility and position your site higher in the rankings. You'll soon see search results on all sorts of targeted keyword phrases included in your corporate blog marketing, which then helps bring those visitors to your Web site.


Corporate blog marketing also helps increase your link popularity online. The number of incoming links to your corporate blog and your company’s Web site grows and grows each month, simply by having a blog marketing presence. Your corporate blog can be full of relevant content readily available for others to link to, and by linking out to other sites, you can then build a platform to develop quality reciprocal linking arrangements.


Having a corporate blog targets an endless stream of media relations. Today 98% of journalists begin their research online, and their first stop is usually a corporate blog! Corporate blogging can also be syndicated via RSS feeds so that your content goes directly to news professionals on the lookout for an unfolding story. If they don't find your information, they'll find someone else's.


Build customer relationships with your own corporate blog marketing campaign. Corporate blogging allows you to perform real-time market research by posing questions and receiving immediate feedback. By giving your company a personable voice, and continuing to offer them relevant content, you can transform return readers into loyal customers as well as viral marketing partners, with blog marketing. More and more, CEOs and other business executives are reaching out to prospects and current customers on a more personal level.


Lastly, blog marketing increases your online sales. There are millions of potential customers surfing the Web right now looking for information on your product or service. By establishing a presence with your corporate blog and defining your company as an industry leader, you can attract qualified traffic ready to buy.

Those SEO and marketing firms are experts at setting up corporate blogging can help you maximize the effectiveness of your blog marketing solution. Search out firms who offer a combination of 'business blog know-how,' expert Web site copywriting and SEO experience in order to get the highest possible results from your corporate blog marketing and to effectively communicate a compelling sales message.


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