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Business crm solutions

Hani Masgidi

June 21, 2006

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As a business man you would need to consider the following output from your business crm solutions in order to strength your customers’ relationships and loyalty:

1- Strengthen customer relationships
Having plans and proven processes in place to effectively handle every customer’s requests.

2- Central customer’s database
A centralized database shared among all the concerned departments and staff with all customers’ requirements based on a full recorded history, to enhance the relationship between the organization and their customers.

3- Systematic use of information
The organizations’ CRM will be responsible for:
• Capturing all the internal and the external customer service to play a pivotal roll in achieving “The organization” Sales and Marketing objectives.
• Database of customer information from every interaction.
• Analysis of past customer behavior to predict future behavior.
• Ability to match offers to customers.
• Continuous re-evaluation of offer, transaction and customer use over time.

4- Through on-going dialogue
• The organizations’ CRM allows for real-time responses and 1:1 dialogue (CRM online support with the contact center).
• Listening crates sense of intimacy with the customer.
• Enable customized offers and messaging

5- Increase and ease the organization approaches Gaining new customers and better environment for cross selling and up selling. Increase and ease the organization approaches with the potential sales leads.

6- Marketing and sales planes Utilize and enhance the marketing and sales planes and campaigns based on the CRM facts and figures.

Business crm solutions Objective

• Provide an excellent service to Customers
• Maintain an accurate and updated customer’s information and requests.
• Centralize the organization database and provide the needed assist to the different departments based on their defined role.
• Helps the sales and marketing on the future planning and expansion.
• Increases the up sales and cross sales opportunities

CRM Benefits and overall Business value

1 - CRM Operational Values and benefits
• Meet all operational commitments of The organization and to fulfill the intrinsic requirements of existing customers
• Ensure an approved predefined procures for all the operational processes to be followed
• Build world class customer services that caters to unique requirements of demanding customers
• Better understanding for customers’ needs

2 - CRM Sales values and benefits
• Increase the number of potential customers under the organization’s umbrella.
• Having automated dynamic sales processes in place.
• Increase the number of leads through different channels, and new opportunities.
• Ensure all the sales leads to be attended.
• Cross sell and up sell features.

3 - CRM Marketing Values and benefits
• Track all kind of marketing campaigns response and measure their efficiency.
• Generate focused campaigns based on the CRM inputs.
• Get full and updated information about the organization’s customers and the positional customers.
• Allow long term plans.


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