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Running a Business from Home

Earl Williams

August 31, 2006

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Everywhere you look today there is some kind of work at home business opportunity. It can be hard to figure out the good from the bad. Working from home is everyone’s dream - after all, who would not want to forego the daily commute during rush hour, and instead run a business from home? Here are some ideas how to go about it without also running up your credit cards, running out of patience, or simply spinning your wheels.

Running a business from home takes time and dedication. You need to have the time to work on whatever it is you choose to do without interruption. You need to have the dedication to the business to set business hours. If you have children in the home, this may require some finagling, but with a bit of finesse, you should be able to come up with a workable plan and schedule. Try to set your time for doing business when the children are at school or at a play date. Don’t try to squeeze in a little business before dinner or while the kids are brushing their teeth. Business time belongs to the business, and family time belongs to your kids. The two should not mix.

Find a home business which will interest you and which will fit into your life style. What should you do when building your home business system? There are a number of things you should look into to get your systems running. The first thing would be the office space. You could not seriously run a home business if you don’t have the proper workplace where the children will not tinker with your equipments and your records. And if you are looking at a franchise business then you will be investing in a proven and successful endeavor. The cost will be higher initially than if you started from scratch but you will have immediate income. For example, if your passions are dogs, find something you can do that involves your canine friends. Marketing birdseed will not satisfy half as much as selling dog food. Do not compromise your interests!

Market your business from home by building a professional looking website, amending your email signature to point people to your new endeavor, and by coming up with creative new ways of showing folks in your neighborhood what you are doing. Get your family involved into your new passion by assigning your children little tasks, and perhaps getting your spouse to help out as well.

Networking with other businesses in your area is a great idea to really become successful in your own business. For example, if you are selling a certain brand of dog food, let the local pet groomer know what you are doing, and maybe she/he would refer clients to you if you offered them a discount on the product and also promised to refer your clients to the groomer’s. Any real business is going to require work on your part to establish and see a good profit. You will want to conduct an investigation on any you are looking at. You will want to be sure this is a legitimate deal and they have others who have succeeded.

As you can quite easily see, running a business from home can be a lot of fun and it can become a goldmine, if you go about it the right way. If it is just another thing that you try to fit into an already packed schedule, the odds are unfortunately against you. So go ahead and invest your time, energy, and a reasonable amount of start up capital into a venture that you love, and that you foresee loving for a long time, and the money will soon follow!


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