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Why Do People Fail to Succeed with an Online Business?

Kit Elliott

September 29, 2006

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Why do people fail to succeed with an online business?

It's a very interesting question. And, as the replies show, there are many, many different reasons why people simply don't make it.

I think one of the main reasons people fail is lack of perserverance. Not the "only" reason by any means, but a major one. Here's why... No one who is making millions of dollars on the Internet started with that knowledge. No one was born with the "Internet marketing gene" that automatically turns on - and populates their brain cells with information on email marketing and affiliate programs. So everyone you see... John Reese, Jeff Walker, Armand Morin, Jim Edwards, Frank Kern, etc. - they all started from scratch without one piece of info about Internet marketing. Then, they started. And they started reading and learning and trying and testing and experimenting... and failing... and trying some more new things... and succeeding... and on and on and on and on.

The key here is the "on and on and on".

You see, just like these experts, other people - just like them - start from scratch, with no knowledge of Internet marketing. And they read and learn and try and test and experiment... and they fail. And, along the way, before they reach their goal... whatever that is (millions of dollars, international acclaim, etc.) - they quit. Or they put it on the backburner. Or they rush over to network marketing or start a vending business - or some other get-rich-quick plan.

They lack the perserverance to continue until they succeed.

You can call it motivation. You can call drive. Desire. Passion. Focus. Whatever. If someone has "it" - that "fire in their belly"... they can learn what they need to learn, increase their skills in Internet marketing, and figure out what they need to know to finally "make it".

I have a marketing friend who started his mail order business when he was 15. It took him 9 years of constant, focused effort until he made his first dollar. 9 years of daily study and learning and trial and error. Nine Years.

Now, let's do a test...

Ask most people how long they will give their Internet business until they're successful - and they'll give you a definite number. "I dunno... maybe a year, 2 tops". If you suggested 9 YEARS - most would say... "Heck no! I don't want to wait 9 YEARS!"

Now, ask people with perservance... people with drive, passion, focus, and desire... how long they'll give their Internet business until they're successful. The answer you'll usually get is... "UNTIL I am successful."

There is no time limit. There is no deadline. The person who wants it... who can taste it... is willing to forget all time barriers. That person is willing to do anything and everything to become successful. For that person, knowledge, experience, support, advice, guidance, time, and money are NO BARRIERS.

For the person willing to persist UNTIL they succeed, their success is pre-determined. They will succeed.

So you ask why most people fail to make it in their own Internet business. My answer is... they lack the perservance to continue the journey until they reach their destination. You probably can't write an ebook on this concept and get rich selling it (it's not popular to tell the truth these days), but I believe it's the main reason people don't succeed. At anything they attempt to do.

Just my 2 cents worth. If there is ever anything that I can do to push you along the way, please don't hestitate to email me.


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