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The Top Secrets of Search Engine Marketing

Meenakshi wali

July 21, 2008

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The major search engine marketing is a huge platform which primarily includes two major techniques of marketing your website. These techniques include search engine optimization and search engine advertising. Both of these along with others combine to form a complete package of search engine marketing that helps escalate a business from a local and unfamiliar ground to a more public and global platform.

Search engine optimization is a major part of search engine marketing that applies necessary methods to create a global presence for a website on the internet. Search engine optimization majorly works on the system of keywords optimization. Using keywords in different styles and places in a website in order to improve its performance is a trick. You can not only use keywords in your website content, but also in the title tags, Meta tags, alt tags of your website in order to boost your website performance.

Selection of these keywords must be done very carefully so that it does not put across the wrong message to your user. Select keywords keeping your targeted audience in mind and the most probable keywords and phrases that they would type. The search engines display results after they match with the keywords typed in by the users, hence, it is extremely essential that your keyword selection matches with that of the users general mentality.

The next technique which is termed as search engine advertising is the paid listing of the search engines that help you in ranking your website. The search engine advertising also known as PPC is the technique of paying money to the websites in order to book the top position for your website in the search engines. This process includes paid placement as well as paid inclusion programs.

Apart from these two primary search engine marketing techniques there are several other search marketing methods that help in the ranking of the websites. These include back linking with other websites, content submission with link to content sites, press releases, news letters, email marketing, and now days also video and sms marketing are becoming a part of the big game of search engine marketing. Egg out your technique from the list and go exploring the web world.


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