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The Millionaire Maker: What do You Need to be a Sales Superstar?

What do You Need to be a Sales Superstar?

Mark Tewart

July 09, 2009

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There are four important skills to master in selling.

Sales Skills

You don’t need a magic button to overcome objections. You need to understand why people have objections in the first place, and how to eliminate eight out of ten objections before they ever occur. Sales today is about being proactive, not reactive. You must be able to recognize an objection even when your customer is not verbalizing one. Sales skills include abilities such as how to present and demonstrate your product or service, how to take or make sales calls, or how to negotiate professionally.

When most people think of a salesperson, they picture a slick, fast talking individual with of all the answers who manipulates someone onto buying something, whether they want it or not. Although sale superstars are excellent persuaders, they are equally as good at helping people to find the solutions to their problems. Think like a Contrarian. Reverse the mindset.

People Skills

Whenever I interview potential salespeople and they say, “I love people,” it frankly makes me want to puke. Yes, you must want to help your customers solve their problems, and you must TLC – Think like a Customer. You must really care for your customers. However, sales superstars rarely become superstars because of their love of humanity. Mother Theresa was a great salesperson for humanity, but probably could not have done well selling computers. Although salespeople do not have to be great humanitarians, they must practice good human relations skills such as listening. When your customer speaks, you must know what they are saying, what they are trying to say, and what they really mean.

Life Skills

These are the everyday skills that separate you from the masses. You must be precise with what you think, what you do, when you do it, and why you are doing it. You must understand abundance versus scarcity. The world is an abundant universe with unlimited resources. Money is not limited, sales are not limited and customers are not limited. Proper life skills will allow you to tap into this abundance at any time. How to gain and maintain a sales superstar attitude is part of honing these life skills.

Marketing Skills

Lots of people tell you how to market yourself. Every day I read more about the power of marketing, or branding, or some other new idea that keeps salespeople broke. Showing up at cocktail parties or business networking breakfasts and handing out your business card is no way to market yourself. Chances are, the salesperson at these events has too much time on their hands, and the sales superstars are not there, because they are out making sales. If the sales superstars are at these events, they have a better game plan than handing out boring business cards that fail to market them and that lack incentives for someone to take action with them. 


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