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Get Potential Clients Involved

Todd Bailey

May 15, 2012

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Business owners, how many of you are confused regarding the expanse of marketing literature as well as the contrast in views?  I see a lot of your hands up; I understand.  Understanding a foreign industry is a challenge.  Secondly, trying to mold remote understanding into that of making online marketing work specifically for your business is a whole other topic, one that is not as prevalently 'covered' within industry literature.

Have you ever considered your consumers are equally confused regarding your industry?

Case Studies

A lot of knowledge is generalized regarding marketing literature; it has to be.  However, a case study is a horse of an entirely unique color.  In choosing one campaign, a marketer can show how your services improved the present situation of a particular client.  That's what services/products are meant to do.  It's a common advertising mistake to champion the 'what' of a product/service instead of the 'how,' how they attend to the needs of consumers.  You can do the same thing regarding your industry and clients!

For instance, regarding online marketing, a brand can do one or a series of case studies on baby-related ecommerce sites.  That way, related vendors can actually begin to see how the vague insights actually work for their specific cause.  Could you do a case study on a particular sector of your market?


It seems pretty obvious; yet, very few vendors get potential clients involved in the education process.  Marketing involves connecting with the customer; so why not do an interview with a pool of potentially-targeted consumers.  Ask them about the mysteries of your industry?  Ask them how they approach your industry's sales cycle?  Ask them about things brands do well and poorly.

Other consumers will appreciate seeing your brand take notice of the insights of the consumer.  This sends a signal that a brand truly wants to cater to its target market.

If I Was Your Vendor…

This tactic works well within the B2B sector.  Why not write a piece of content focusing on how you would help a potential client.  Sure, it's giving something away for free; yet, the process involves showing readers and potential clients your in-house 'expertise.'  Actually, this has worked well in a number of verticals.  Clients seek services/products for help.  Showing the 'how,' by specifically writing to them, illuminates a direct relation of their need and your help.


It's difficult for a consumer to gain a sense of benefit through generalized marketing endeavors.  Try to segment your approaches, making some endeavors specific to particular verticals, target markets, and individual potential consumers.


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