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Accounting System Tips For Your Home Business

Gordon Milton

June 08, 2007

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A lot of home businesses fail because they lack the necessary financial system to monitor the flow of their money. Typically, home based business owners dislike keeping their books of accounts, thinking that as long as money keeps coming in, they will be alright. Unfortunately, things are more complicated in relation to your business. If you want to remain in business long term, running an accounting system to keep track of your financial flow for your own peace of mind and for taxation purposes, is unavoidable. Note that if you do not keep track of your income, sooner or later you could be in serious trouble with the tax department.

Setting up your own user-friendly book-keeping system is quite simple. If you like to keep your records in your computer, buying accounting software or just simply use whatever programs that will allow you to make a spreadsheet in your computer to record your daily transactions, is probably your best answer. However, if you can afford a computerized accounting system, it would be better to have one. There is a good selection of easy to use accounting software being sold today.

The good thing about these accounting programs is that you simply input all your data in one page and the accounting system will run on its own. Most accounting programs will automatically perform the many accounting processes and will instantly update your statements of accounts. All you need to do to retrieve data from an accounting program, is to go to it archives and select which ones you want to see. For example, if you want to know how much your net income is for the month, you simply pull-out the income statement page and your income is on screen instantly. Another advantage of using a computerised accounting system is that you get rid of much of the paper and ledgers in your office.

Now, if you are uncomfortable using your computer to balance your books, then you just have to revert to traditional ways. What if you know nothing about accounting processes? Just keep a simplified set of records of your transactions. A three column worksheet makes an adequate accounting system. You can easily find this type of worksheet in bookstores. Use one column for all the money you receive, another column for all the money that you spend and the third column will be for your running balance.


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