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Get Potential Clients Involved
May 15, 2012
by Todd Bailey
Business owners, how many of you are confused regarding the expanse of marketing literature as well as the contrast in views? I see a lot of your hands up; I understand. Understanding a foreign industry is a challenge.

Your Company Is Too Small To Need Load Balancers, Or Is It?
May 09, 2012
by Chris Heyn
I clearly remember standing outside a hosting company in Modena Italy when I received a call from a multinational European Distributor that I was trying to recruit. Peter, the CEO, called me and said “Chris we have talked to Microsoft here in France and they say load balancing is very important -- but only if you have 2,000 employees or more!”

Sub-Group Brand Politics
April 04, 2012
by Todd Bailey
The elections are approaching. That means we'll be confronted with loads of copy related to strategies, momentum, and trial-error successes. A recent glance at the Wall Street Journal elicits news of the 'GOP' trying to 'Woo Hispanics.' Obviously, particular parties recognize the population is segmented into smaller cultures and sub groups, just like brand consumers.

Facilitating Reputation Management Campaigns With Proper Communication
January 23, 2012
by Todd Bailey
Communication is central to just about everything we do, every day. This we all know and are constantly reminded of when we find ourselves in or witnessing common misunderstandings or failed conversations. Nowhere is it more essential to have clear communication though than in correspondence with clients regarding SEO, reputation management, or other campaigns that a firm is managing. Given the nature of reputation management, however, mutual understanding here is paramount.

When SEO may not be worth the cost…
July 08, 2011
by Michael Sherman
Everyone wants to be at the top. Similar to many new website owners that believed owning a website meant business would subsequently be automatic, the majority of executives and business owners purchasing SEO believe that being at the top means their business will flourish, have thousands of visitors and hundreds of new orders. They rely heavily on the inaccurate data provided by third party SEO tools, Google Adwords Keyword Research and Keyword Tracker. Think again. The best keyword research, in my professional opinion, is common sense, not to exclude using keyword research tools, especially in a complex niche where there may be a great deal of important synonymous or misspellings.

The Millionaire Maker: What do You Need to be a Sales Superstar?
July 09, 2009
by Mark Tewart
Tips on how to reach the step-by-step level of becoming a sales superstar. By providing four important skills of a salesperson, it will be a lot easier for people to identify their selling abilities as well as how they handle and interact with other people.

Do Not Lose Your Business Edge
July 08, 2009
by Lynne Saarte
Four major advantages that you might probably want to know about in frequent business card printing

How To Mitigate Security Concerns In Offshore Outsourcing Deals?
July 07, 2009
by Maneet Puri
One of the prime concerns clients have about offshore outsourcing projects is about security and privacy.

How To Negotiate Fees With Your Website Design Company?
July 07, 2009
by Kabir Bedi
Cost factor is a very important aspect of website design projects. In fact, in case of offshore web design projects, cost savings are one of the most important elements.

Explore New Ventures with Ecommerce
July 01, 2009
by James John
The following article gives insight into the world of Ecommerce and the immense potentiality of the Ecommerce business.

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