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Eight benefits of Small Business Tax Return Outsourcing

Mani Malarvannan

August 16, 2007

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Proper tax file return is mandatory for every business irrespective of size and annual turnover. Nevertheless, small businesses owners hang this up until the last date.

In the process of saving money, small business owners collect all their financial and business transactions records to send it to their CPA to prepare the tax returns at end of every quarter or year. The outcome of the whole process is not always satisfactory enough.

The process often turns out to be more expensive and creates many other management issues like hiring seasonal accounting professionals and managing them for a shorter period.

What can be a better solution for small business owners!

Instead of habitual last minute rush, small businesses can outsource their tax related works to a qualified outsource service provider. This would cost them much less than the regular.

The outsource vendor employees usually consists of competent Charter Accountants who are well familiar with small business taxation and tax preparations. Some other valuable reasons may be as follows:

1. With the changing government rules for accounting and tax return the number of CPAs in the U.S is just not enough to cater to the volume of accounting jobs and therefore outsourcing is a practical decision.

2. Cost and productivity are issues that motivate large businesses to outsource and the reasons remain the same for small businesses. After a reasonable amount of time, the benefits of outsourcing tax return are clearly visible. Outsourcing alters fixed costs into variable ones and allows the small business to redirect funds for better productivity.

3. The service providers understand the importance of meeting deadlines set by the small businesses and will meet them. Often outsourced teams have web management systems that allow the small businesses can track the status of their tax returns any time using their browser.

4. Quick turnaround time is another important benefit of tax outsourcing. Because of the time difference between the US, UK, offshore outsourcing countries like India, China, Philippians, a tax return sent overseas in the morning can be completed in time to be downloaded by the US, UK, firms in the morning.

5. The cost of outsourcing tax return is far less than the small business would pay for a CPA in their country. Also during the tax season, it may actually be difficult to find a good CPA to work on tax return preparation for the small businesses.

6. Outsourcing tax return also reduces the paperwork involved, as all the financial papers are stored electronically.

7. The outsource vendor team requires the financial papers relevant to tax preparation. Using internet technologies it is possible to transfer it securely to the outsource provider. By e-mail and other means of communication it is possible for the small businesses to stay in touch with the tax outsource vendor's team.

8. CPAs can also benefit from outsourcing their client's tax return preparation and concentrate more value added work auditing and financial consulting.

By carefully choosing a qualified outsource vendor small businesses can benefit from outsourcing their tax return preparations. There is security issues involved in outsourcing, but small businesses can avoid them by carefully managing their tax return outsourcing projects.


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